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Full Version: Perception Modifications
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Has anyone ever put together a chart showing the effects of different cyber on perception tests? I'm looking for something that would break down target number modifications based on the cyber installed.
Luke Hardison
There's a chart in M&M that does just that. It's on page 49.
actually thanks! that's step one. now it looks like I'll just have to make a list of what cyber effects what modifier from that table.

excellent -- work cut in half = good wink.gif
Luke Hardison
Um, Dash ... that table is the modifiers AFTER the cyberware has been taken into account. There's no more work to do.
Jason Farlander
You misunderstand Luke. Dashifen wants to make a table of which specific 'ware affects perception mods. Not just a "if you have cybernetic thermo its this, whereas if you have regular thermo its this" table, but, rather "This is the set of tn mods in specific situations for x piece of cyberware, and this is the set of tn mods for y piece of cyberware."

Basically the information already exists in tablular form, but not in the format required.

As an aside: is this is for the dcrs in some way?
shhhhh! smile.gif Maybe. I'm hoping to try and work on compiling it mostly for my own benefit, but I suppose I could use it on the DCRS. My current project for that is the damage/healing rules from M&M. Then I'm getting back on the parse for the NSRCG output. It may be all quite on the thread for the DCRS but I haven't forgetten it wink.gif
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