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Full Version: Ally spirits and aid power question
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In MITS pg 108 the aid power for an ally spirit/familiar can be used to add the spirit's force in dice for the purpose of Drain and any of it's master's Magical Skill Tests for a turn.

Does this mean any time a mage uses a magical skill like Sorcery or Enchanting or Aura Reading for example the mage can add the ally spirit's aid power dice to the skill roll??

I am wondering about the ramifications of how this will affect a mage learning a new spell (Sorcery Test), designing and enchanting foci (Enchanting Test), or reading/assensing an area for information (Aura Reading).

A mage in my campaign is considering taking an initiation with the familiar ordeal, so in the long term of the game (especially during training downtime) this seems like a very powerful way to develop a mage character.

May I viewing this right and if so how would you handle it in your game??
I'd say that the ally spirit can't help in the Enchanting and Aura Reading tests, but for the live of me I can't come up with a reason why I think that frown.gif
you are correct. an ally spirit using the aid power acts something like a power focus.
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