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Full Version: But Bullesye can do it!
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Okay, so the basic premise for this question involves firing/throwing weapons while driving a motorcycle. As you may well know, Bullseye from Daredevil, has pulled off similar manuevers, and many more difficult, in both the movie and comics. What TNs to drive checks and actually using the weapon would be imposed? What about if you're riding on a bike but not driving it (which isn't as sturdy {shockwise} as a larger vehicle)? Anyway, I was recently presented with the question and have had difficulty compiling ALL the rules necessary to achieve, and maintain, such a feat without wrecking. (Mostly on straightaways but not always)
Herald of Verjigorm
IIRC, you need to take one complex action each turn to keep a vehicle going properly. If you have actions on two phases, you can attack with one and drive with the other. Uncompensated recoil adds to the driving test, but in the case of throwing weapons from a motorcycle, I'd just make a quickness test to stay balanced.
There may be specific rules for this someplace, but if I were pulling it out of my hat I would give them the running modifier +4 to the shot and a drive test at +recoil mod.
There may be specific rules for this someplace, but if I were pulling it out of my hat I would give them the running modifier +4 to the shot and a drive test at +recoil mod.

That's what we've been doing for the time being.

Yeah, well the character in question usually averages over 21 for Initative so it's possible to do both; especially since he quick draws his pistol. BTW, does driving with one hand (since you're using the other) do anything for the driving test?
Keep in mind that Bullseye is a superhuman character. Unless your PC is as well, I don't see him managing such tricks unless they're pure luck.
indeed. you'd need something like Improved Ability (Thrown) and Missile Mastery!
Luke Hardison
For firing the pistol, you're subject to the Manual Gunnery Table of modifiers (SR3, p.153), so that should give you some good examples of your target number mods. For example, you'll always get the +2 for Firing Unmounted Weapons.

Your driving test is subject to Stressful Situation and Action Performed During Combat, giving you at least a +4, if not a +6 or more. GM discretion. Personally, I'd give +2 for stress, +2 for combat, and one level greater terrain mod for driving with one hand.
Yeah, I understand all that. The character in question is a fresh built character with Abilities Priority A and Adept B with Improved Reflexes and two points of improved ability pistols. I was just wondering how "far fetched" the idea was for a starting, or even advanced, character.
There's nothing far fecteched... just apply Manual Gunnery modifiers. If he hits something, good for him.
Somewhere, I think in R3, there is a comment about greater penalties for firing sideways from a motorcycle than in front. I think it was linked to the mounting weapons section.

no one brought this up so I will:
Unless the character is left handed, you get a minus for firing with your off hand- on a bike. Your right hand is on the throttle, take it off to shoot and at best you slow down as you take in the clutch with your left. If you don't do that, you stall, crash and die.

Check out the chase scene in Terminator 2 where Arnold is shooting the shotgun from the hog. The gun is in his left hand.
It's not uncommon for a motorcycle to have a "Cruise Control" on the throttle. I know I've ridden several bikes that had one. It's basically just a little gizmo that holds the throttle in place. Sure, you can't accelerate while holding your pistol, but it'd enable you to shoot with your right hand.

Alternatively, I'm sure some runners would get a custom throttle that could be worked with their off hand. (Though learning to brake my left hand and clutch with my right would definitely cause me to wreck.)
right, just the mental balancing is going to be a bitch. I'm left handed. It's easy for me, as was pointed out when we saw T-2 and my friends went "whoa" and I said "what?" "you're left handed"

Instead of a pistol a mounted weapon would be better, even after you get the shot off you've got to put the gun away and while the cruise control is on, it really limits you since your speed is locked, anything less than oging in a straight line is asking for trouble.
Necro Tech
Datajack, gyroscopic stabilizers. Good to go.
Datajack on a bike? Where's the fun on that?
In the two shotpistols in your hands.

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