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My GM and me had a discussion on the effects of multiplexing two videostreams before feeding them into a humans data jack. Purpose is to have the data stream from a car steering (that's not a riggerunit!) mixed with a video from a camera mounted in the same car. I told him, I'd build a box which is switching at high speed between car steering and camera. There would be no need to "demultiplex" the channel from brain to steering as the camera wouldn't receive any commands.

We haven't found any documentation about such a thing. So what would you think? Is this possible or would the multiplexer burn the connected brain?

Well, first you'd need an Image Link installed in the eye. Then the Image Link could just open both feeds as seperate windows in your field of vision.

edit: I voted both feeds, but it has nothing to do with the frequency, it is about having an Image Link to process the seperate video feeds.
I think there'd already be mechanisms in place to do something along these lines. (I imagine it'd be a touch more complex than simply multiplexing the streams, though.) Think it terms of the HUDs that fighter jocks or military attack chopper pilots use. Or, hell, even in terms of an extra window open up on your desktop. Or, better yet, picture in picture on your TV.

Using a system like that, it'd be much like watching two football games at once. Yeah, you can do it, but most people will end up missing some of the fine points of both things they're trying to watch.
Basically, you're discussing datajack control of a car. And since you get video streams from the sensors, in all directions, I'd say that there's no problem with what you're asking.
Kanada Ten
I think you're overcomplicating things. Install a datajack port: gain access to vehicle sensors (which include cameras) and drive with a +1 Reaction.
Ok, thanks for pointing this out Kanada. I'm the GM and I dug a bit deeper into the Rigger 3 book, following all the cross-references this time and it indeed says that you get access to all the sensors. So thanks for clearing that out. No need to build a fancy little box that doesn't come with any rules attached...
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