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Can anyone point me towards the rules for ghoul- and goblin-izing after character creation? All I can seem to find are the critter versions and I'm curious to find out what the effects of unchecked infection are.
Shadowrun Companion has the ghoul section on page 32. As far as I know the only way to goblinize after character creation is SURGE in Year of the Comet, page 141.
Thanks, KillaJ. What about the non-Krieger strain? There's gotta be vampire rules somewheres. And I meant goblin like an HMHVV dwarf. I should have been more specific.
Kanada Ten
Goblins and Goblinization are not related, the latter having nothing to do with HMHVV while Goblins are infected Dwarves. What exactly is an unchecked infection of HMHVV? As far as I know, there is nothing short of quarantine or death in the way of medicinal care for the infected. No, there are no rules for player character vampires, goblins, and so on.
Kanada Ten
From the top of my head, I would use drake plus adept BP cost as the base template and assign power points to typical powers of the infected being. I would also inflict a number Mental Flaws with points equaling 7 minus the character's essence at the time of infection. Or something. Note that Goblins have no Charisma score, meaning they are not sentient (thought Charisma is not the only requirement, it is a requirement).

I've seen rules online, but wasn't impressed by them. Mist Form should cost 6 Power Points at the very least.
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