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Full Version: Sperethiel Question
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I seem to recall an Elvish phrase that was the name of a GameShow in the Sixth World. It had a couple of translations, but one of them was 'Keeper in the Monkey House'-or something to that effect. If I recall, the phrase also had a more derogatory connotation. I'd thought that I'd seen it on AH's (most excellent) site, but I can't locate it.

Oddly, the way my real life is these days, I'd love to have that phrase, if only to mutter under my breath when things get out of hand (ya gotta love teaching massage and bodywork, dontcha know).

Anyone able to help?


It can be fopund in "Shadowbeat P.32 & 33 "Glerethiel Morkham Shoam". It means "Kepper in the Monkey House" or "Inbreeding Causes Stupidity" and another meaning that is untranslateable but very "filthy". It was a sitcom about an Elf lord and his trials at having to put up with his idiot human servants. Kind of Like "Green Acres" with a meta-racist slant.
Ancient History
Right. The third translation involves the word "morkhan" which is "fornicator with swine."

[/edit] Note: Dammit, I /thought/ I had that on there. Oh well, I'll get to it right after I finish the Artifex page. Thanks.
Gives whole new meaning to the show "Morkhan Mindy."
Thanks for the quick response. You've no idea how much that helps-and, being IN (not FROM) West Virginia, the other translation is hilarious (and, all to appropriate at times, it seems).

Ranger Joe-that's just wrong. I love it.

Thanks again,

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