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Full Version: What is your Favorite Kind of Run?
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Howdies all, I'm thinking of asking what kind of run you most enjoy GMing next. Comments? Variants, such as Matrix Smash and Grab, or Magical investigation, or Rigger Battle, (Robot Wars anyone?) fall under the same categories.
I was going to say Breaking and Entering, but changed my mind and chose Battle. I don't like the Battle part of it, but I burnt out on "runs" years ago. My favorite games are stuff like Bug City, Amazonia, etc where the plot is alot thicker than corp politics or 1-shot adventures. I pull a gun about once every 3 games I bet, so not sure if that fits under Battle, but I don't really "Run". nyahnyah.gif

Bug city's a mix of battle and investigation. I would have added a slot for "recon" but that's really investigation. Runners should always be prepaared for violence. It's 3 am, do you know where your Ares Predator is?
I perfer the smash and grabs because 1) I don't need to make a plot line to follow, they're nice but I usually screw them up. 2) It lets me satisfy all my players. Some really enjoy the planning and leg work and some prefer getting to hual out the guns and deal with tactics. Personally I prefer avoiding combat in SR because it always seems to drag.
I went with B&E, but Investigation comes up a very close second.
Wetwork. Anything worth shooting once is worth shooting twenty times and then blowing up.

I like variation. One of each.
Since I GM more than I get to play, I like to plan runs that make my runners think a bit. Sure smash 'n grabs are ok as well as the wet-work types, but they seem to enjoy a good challenge, and at the same time, make them think and keep them on their toes.
Extractions... willing or unwilling outside human interference is always an interesting obstacle! Of course, I voted as a GM. As a player I like straight break and entering, or organised crime work.
I like variation. One of each.

I like a mix too but I'm dying to go on a run that requires some demolition work. Scratch that, a LOT of demolition work.

I want a conversation with my fixer to go something like this:

"This is GlassJaw, I need some Compound X11 plastique ASAP."
"Well how much do you need?"
"How much you got?"

biggrin.gif grinbig.gif biggrin.gif
Heh, I classifed it seperately. Something occured to me which I regret not making a choice:


::sniffle:: Ah, fond memories of sabotage runs.
You wouldn't think that there woud that many wooden shoes in 2064... grinbig.gif
No, but a wooden shoe would be an interesting calling card for sabotage shadowrunners. Well, unless they were trying to be subtle.
I prefer demolitions, there's just something aestethic in hydrogen explosions.
Omer Joel
Investigation, mostly occult and/or political; also "bug hunts" (both literally and figuratively), as long as they're well done and don't dominate the campaign.
It looks like noone enjoys enforcement, huh. Who knew?
QUOTE (Sargasso)
It looks like noone enjoys enforcement, huh. Who knew?

Those organized crime types are too unpredictable, you never know what kind of severed head you're going to wake up next to!
I went with breaking and Entering, Being the fan of Metal Gear Solid that i am. Investigation being a close second for the same reasons.
Shanshu Freeman
I like horror survival runs.
I like horror nonsurvival runs.

I've found protection work to be the most varied jobs to write and work. You have quite a bit of legwork, planning, and improvisation. It's also quite different than most runs, since the players are often reacting to situations. Not the kind of job to assign to new groups.
protection is definatly the hardest job for a group. esp if the guarded person moves around alot and wants to remain within his/her normal way of life

personally i prefer extraction. you usually never know what you're up against until you hit it.
Looks like everyone's voted. If you want to be lthe onely supporter of enforcement runs, now's your chance.
You know everyone wants in on the dessert wars. I hear Ares has a new model of banana cream pie out this year.

Yeah! Triad/Mafia enforcement runs are actually fun. My group's most memorable run was when we were hired to eliminate a troublesome Seoulpa Ring. This involved going to a warehouse party and shooting the dealers/place up(lost a member, darn response time of Lone Star and those Shadowriders...). It all ended with us going to a restaurant where the ring were eating for a big shoot out.
Eyeless Blond
QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
Wetwork. Anything worth shooting once is worth shooting twenty times and then blowing up.


Mind if I steal this for my sig? I'm not creative enough to come up with my own. smile.gif
Go for it smile.gif

Wetwork, both to run and to play. They're the hardest of all runs, combining the nastiest elements of a B&E with the toughest parts of a battle mission.
Kremlin KOA
Extractions, favorite extraction type, volutary extraction from a hostile extraction team, second type voluntary extraction from a hostile area hostile extractons are the third

cause my GM is a canny actor so the whole lie and guesswork is fun plus im an RP freak and i've been on investigations where i dont even pull a spur

whoever said SR combat was a drag?

they were right

escpecially those damn munchie riggers

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