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Full Version: Dragonfly Spirits
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Omer Joel
I was thumbing through Double Exposure when I suddenly re-discovcered something interesting: the parasytical Dragonfly Larvae, used by a UB subsidery corp in the process of waste processing. They are used to keep metahuman victims alive so that a toxic spirit could channel the industrial waste from soil and water into the poor victims' bodies.

These hideous buggers resemble mosquito larvae the size of a large dog, with serrated mandibles  and a taste for Human flesh. They are dual beings and have more intelligence than the avarage troll.

The interesting thing about them is that they mix the characteristics of both a Flesh Form and a True Form - They are supposed to be "dual beings", yet have a seperate astral reaction and have the letter A after their Essence - signifying that they are Astral beings; they have the powers/weaknesses of a True Form yet have no Force attribute and no Immunity to Normal Weapons as True Forms (as spirits) usually have.

I was thinking of using them in my upcomming Bug City campaign, and I wonder if any of you have written a detailed description of this Insect Spirit "breed". If not, I'll write it.
Daddy's Little Ninja
interesting slip in their editing. let us know how it works.
Dragonflies are one of the deadliest insects out there (insect to most creatures wise..) figures they would be pritty nasty as bug spirits. Way back when they used to be a hundred times bigger....
Fygg Nuuton
avast i don't be rememberin any stats for the dragonfly spirits, but the scurvy dogs should be plenty dangerous. anyone who be havin cross words can walk the plank.

[ Spoiler ]
Looks like Fygg knew that the 19th was Talk Like a Pirate Day smile.gif
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