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Full Version: Spell Design: Cleanse Environment
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Inspiration: Achieve Specific Effect -- Remove Pollution from Immediate Environment; by transmuting it into a non-harmful substance (like silicon or something) rather than just moving it, also without further damaging the environment by removing 'natural' elements from the area.

Spell Category:  Manipulation
Spell Type:  Physical

Range:  LOS
Duration:  Instant

Target Number:  Transmutation, Precise (TN 6)

Major Environmental Change  (Drain Power: S)
Physical Spell (Drain Power: +1)
Restricted Target (Drain Power: -1)

Area Spell (Drain Level: +1)
Extended Area (Drain Level: +1)


Does the above look appropriate?
Ancient History
Not really. I mean, they already have Clean Air and Clean Earth and Clean Water spells.
Crusher Bob
Depends on what you are defining as pollution. Do the cooling bodies of those ganers you just killed count as pollution? After all they are a major disease risk if not one cleans them up. Assuming you are mostly talking about things like unburned hydrocarbons, pesticide run off and so on breating them down into their component atoms (hydrogren, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and some other odds and ends) is a bit more rules safe than 'just turning them into stuff'. Normally, SR magic dosen't handle the transfiguration of materials...
Austere Emancipator
It should probably be a Permanent spell, just like Clean (Element). However, the base Drain Level of Major Environmental Change is actually M. That makes the final Drain Code the same, ie +2 (D). Considering that you need to cast the spell at at least Force 5 to affect toxic waste (OR 10), for a spiffy DC of 4D, and it takes up to 20 CT per casting, I wouldn't mind this spell, even if it is extremely powerful.

A simple Area Spell might be more worth while, however, since that'd only have a Drain Code of (D), allowing 2D Drain for a Force 5 spell.

[Edit]Ancient History has a very good point, though.[/Edit]
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