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Full Version: Astral Pool
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So far my SR group has went with being able to use your astral pool as long as you were in someway active on the astral plane. This has resulted in group mages (basically my character) astrally perceiving whenever they summon/spellcast. This gives them their astral pool as a bonus for most of these rolls. I am taking over the wheel at being the primary GM, and am thinking about adjusting the way we use this. I am considering saying that the astral pool represents the stronger connection that an intiate has to the astral plane, and is only available when they are projecting astrally and there is nothing hindering that connection. So I guess my question is when do you think the astral pool should be usable, when projecting only or should perceiving count too?
sounds like an okay use of the pool to me.
It's only available when Astral Projecting.

It can not be used for Sorcery or Conjuring, or any other Magical Skill Tests. (MITS.58)

It's available at EACH place when performing an Astral Quest. (Top-right paragraph on MITS.93)
oh, haha, yeah. it's right there in black and white, in the third sentence under Astral Abilities--it can be used for any test except Magical Skill tests.
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