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Full Version: Favorite way of blowing up vehicles
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QUOTE (Zenmaxer)
I'm with you, OT, but I don't know WHY it doesn't

It's because the Transformation Manipulations like Wind, Glue Strip, and Firewall have a lot in common with Elemental Manipulations. They come at things from the outside, starting from a point the magician can see.
QUOTE (Canid13 @ Oct 1 2004, 04:30 AM)
Don't worry about it Zen, it's been contradicted by Cannon Companion. In the advanced melee rules it says that you should ignore the STR*1.5 if you use those rules... and to be honest I prefer it that way. How does having two hands make you do more damage, it should be easier to hit.

No, it doesn't, not unless they've errataed it recently. Someone with ambidexterity and dual spurs is extremely scary.

My CC is the printing behind the very latest (they've reprinted it very recently) and it does mention ignoring the STR * 1.5 thing. I'm pretty sure it does anyway :o)

Even if it doesn't, I'll make that a house rule since I don't see how using two hands will do more damage. It'll increase your chance of hitting (two arms instead of one) but not damage since it's still only one arm you're actually connecting with.

Come to think if it, I'm pretty darn sure that for Ambidex 6 or 8 you do the 1.5 times thing to the skill dice you roll since you can't take Off-Hand skills, and otherwise you have your offhand skill.
You can take off-hand skills even if you have ambidex, but you'd be quite silly to smile.gif

Well yes, I suppose you could. You'd never have to use them though, and I'd probably council anyone in my group against it.
QUOTE (Canid13)
My CC is the printing behind the very latest (they've reprinted it very recently) and it does mention ignoring the STR * 1.5 thing. I'm pretty sure it does anyway :o)

I think you need to be damn sure, 'cause it doesn't say that in my printing, and it's not up on the errata page, so I'm still pretty skeptical. It would make sense, what with CC's rules for two weapons, but I'm still not fully convinced. I'm not callin' you a liar, but I want you to assure me that you're looking down at the book in your lap and typing a quote out of it. Then I'll believe you. Thanks.
Shanshu Freeman
One time our team was hired to take out a group of company guys.

The one that's relevant here, used to drive to work every morning, taking the same route.

So our psycho-cybered-up-ex-sailor drives around until he finds two guys in a random white van. Fakes ditching his bike in front of him. They stop to see if they can help, an he slaughters them. They're both wearing commitment rings. He opens the back door of the van to stash his bike and finds a dining table welded to the floor with candles and a picture of the two guys holding hands.

So we mod the van up with a missile launcher in the back and a hole in the roof with a kind of reinforced ramp dealy sut up to redirect the blowback.

Then we pull out in front of the guy on the freeway, back door "accidently" pops open, target points and laughs, gets hit by the missile, teamate rolls athletics to throw a briefcase with btls and drugs into the wreckage, we ditch the van.

But my troll raccoon shaman buddy keeps the commitment rings on a string of wire as a necklace, because they're shiny.
the more I think about it, the less I like the 1.5* rule. Particularly because the installation of multiple spur sets mounted in the same part of the arm is going to be a ruleslawyering issue, and I can't think of a good argument against it being effective.
Yeah, try using a back angled elbow spur, a wrist spur and knuckle spurs/claws on one hand and claiming the STR*1.5. My player'd have to get a round in just to say sorry.....

Moon Hawk, I'll check tonight. Either way, I ignore it.
I'm more worried about just a bunch of the same spurs in the same place and characters that look Mortal Kombat rip-offs.
Sorry Zen, no sure what you mean.

I looked last night, and I can't find a reference to is overruling the issue with the STR*1.5 thing. Which I think is a shame, since it doesn't make sense.

I guess what I do is a house rule, since I don't allow that to be used. Afterall, while using two hands will make it easier to tag someone with a weapon, I don't see how using two of the same weapons will make it any more damaging.
My favorite?

Drop cars from a moving car carrier on the freeway.

It's scary as hell if you run it right.
Mr. Woodchuck
earth elemental removing a 1m X 4m trench in an alley while the limo attempts to peel out. Because even the best riggers suck with no front wheels.
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