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Full Version: Updating New Seattle
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While working on a a part-time decker character, I went back to look at the Cross Babel Cyberdeck which states that it has a built-in programming shop (a useful feature for the beginning decker).

However, since the decking rules have changed since that was published, I am suggesting a fix of a built-in programming suite of 3. Does this seem appropriate or is it over-powered?
Kanada Ten
Name: Programming Suite Rating [3]
Availability: 2/7days
Cost: 13500
Street Index: 1
Multiplier: 15
Book.Page: mat.79

What page is the Babel on?

[edit] Wait, isn't it in Corporate Download, not New Seattle?
Dang it, thats what I get for binding my books is in Corporate Download.
Kanada Ten
Seeing how I never remember to check things once I get home, can someone post the cost and such for this? Amazingly, it's not in NSRCG yet, or that I could see.
Its base cost is 70,000 with an MPCP of 5

The advantages it has over the Sony CTY 360-D is that it has 1,000 Mp in both storage and active memory, casing (barrier 3), and the built-in programming shop (under V.R.2 rules).

The downside is that it has no responce increase and a hardening of 2.
Kanada Ten
Well, once you do all the math to recreate the cyberdecks (and trying to hedge the difference between listed cost and build cost), you get a difference in cost of 2900, which covers a rating 1 suite and just maybe the component cost of making that integral as opposed to eating up part of the cyberdecks memory. However, a Rating 1 Suite is rather weak, and thus I'd allow it at Rating 2 but require it be loaded into listed memory as a balance (it's still a steal with the price of the Programming Suite).

Also, is there a reson the build cost of decks is so very different from the list? Using the Ccoc program to make the cyberdecks they cost 51,450 and 48,550 respectfully to build, yet are both listed at 70,000; what am I missing?
Kanada Ten
In a fit of mathmatics, the other possible comaprison is 85,300 vs 77,100 with a difference of 8,200 meaning a Rating 2 Suite built in is in order.
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