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Full Version: Wild Wild West
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Okay, I was reading Harlequin's Back, and I hit the wild west section. I really like the rules and ideas presented there for running SR in an alternate cowpunk setting, and I was interested in seeing if anyone had any good ideas on how to elaborate the rules and gear presented there as well as rebalance the point build system so that characters are a little more even. (Mages got it in the shorts and hard in that scenario)
Ancient History
Bah. I like the cowpunk setting as it is.

If I'd add anything, it would likely be to allow PCs to make magical compounds (alchemy or herb lore, depending on whether you're hermetic or shamanic!), and possibly allow genetech as "serums." maybe.
At least one character must have a proper moustache.

Shamans. Always them damned Injun shamans.
The "bad guy" must have handlebars and must twist them maniacally.
I really feel like the magic users are kinda shorted in the scenario as part of the challenge... They just completely lack the versatility that sustains them in a normal SR campaign, and I don't think that two spells and banishing are worth THAT many build points.
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