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Full Version: Trying to modify a Doc Wagon vehicle
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The Surgeon
(I'm going by Rigger 2, btw - I don't have Rigger 3 yet)

One of my characters, an Elf PhysAd, drives what used to be a Doc Wagon CRT Ambulance (acquired legally - He used to work for Doc Wagon, and bought the vehicle from them after it had been heavily damaged (using Contacts much later on)).

The only vehicle modifications I've made so far are adding a couple more seats, a rating 2 autonav system, level 3 sensors, some armor, and upgrading the anti-theft system from lvl 6 to lvl 8.

However, I was wondering if anyone has any idea how much CF and Load would be recovered if I removed the medical treatment gear for 4 patients, and if I could potentially sell that equipment to a fixer or trade it for some parts\weapons. (I am considering leaving in enough gear to treat one patient, though.....)

(And no, its not the character my screen name comes from. That character rides a motorcycle.)

Would the medical gear actually come with the vehicle in the first place? It seems to me that DocWagon would strip out all the useful stuff for future use and just sell off the rest. They are still a Corp.
I'd assume DW would take out the gear, unless it was heavily damaged and irrepairable (and hence not worth your time save for scrap metal) or it was built directly into the chasis.
I did once have the opportunity to look at an ex ambulance. All medical gear was striped out for legal and economic reasons. You effectively have a van with a lot of small storage lockers and no back seats. You can go from there. I think R3 has CF and load ratings for ambulance level medical facilities but I donít have my books here.

Kanada Ten
Rigger 2 Medical Treatment Gear (4)
225 CF
500 Load
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