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Full Version: Insect outbreaks?
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As a fledgling GM, I am wondering if anyone knows of any canon insect outbreaks since the Universal Brotherhood was shut down? I'm talking 2058 on. I know about Bug City, but that was 2055.

If there are, what books and/or modules?
Herald of Verjigorm
Outbreaks have been greatly restricted by the Ares Bugsquish doctrine. Subtle hives survive, symbiotic hives (mostly just in Australia) survive, but blatant hives just get smacked.

This doesn't mean you can't have a subtle hive take over an entire city where the PCs end up while running from some unpleasant warrants.
Are there bounties on Insect shamans? Whether from Ares or otherwise.

Currently my game is in the beginning of 2059 (I backed up so I could take my new group through the Arcology shutdown and Year of the Comet) so I don't think Bug City is "solved" yet.
Black Isis
Bug City was "solved" in February of '58, I think -- Haeffner announced the operation at a State of the Union speech, and I know for sure that it was resolved well before the Fuchi breakup even showed up on the horizon (which was in late '58, early '59 I think).

Current status of the CZ I wouldn't exactly call "pretty" though. It's still a big Z zone with gangs and warlords in control of various parts, and doesn't look to be changing anytime soon. Just doesn't have a giant wall with the US Army encamped around it -- just the police watching to make sure violence doesn't spill out.
Not to mention the magic-eating FAB. wink.gif
Ancient History
Yeah, my Invae page has an updated timeline. The latest "big break" would be (in order): the insect hives in the Australian Outback (T:AL), the bugs in Ares(T2), and the minor mafia family merge(SoE).
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