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Full Version: Newbie question here.
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kill o gram
Lately, I have been kicking around a yet-to-be-proven theory.

Now, neither I or anyone else I know have had any experience playing Mage characters(or any others seeing that I am quite new to this game), but the armor spell had me wondering: What would happen if there was a varient that, instead of having to sustain, would be allowed to run its own course without the mages concentration.

I'll clarify...

Character's armor spell is at 6 force points. Choosing this varient would cut it to 3 points. However, the reason is, that for every two successes, the spell would hold it's self, allowing the mage to pursue other actions.The length of time would be about one combat phase per two successes. Of course, the force would always be at half of whatever the true armor spell is.

Now, remember, I'm a newbie. So if there is a gross miscalculation or the idea is just plain stupid...

Please, go easy.
Herald of Verjigorm
There are three ways to make that possible.
1) force 6 sustaining focus
2) quickening (see MitS metamagics section)
3) ritual sorcery aided duration (see MitS ritual sorcery section)
In not so many words, Herald is saying that a change to something as fundamental as spell duration doesn't happen. There are 3 types: instant, sustained, and permanent. What you're describing doesn't fall under any of these three, and so cannot exist. However, the options Herald provided are all viable -- and while they don't exactly create the spell you have in mind, they accomplish the same thing your spell is meant to.
Neat idea, but it doesn't hold to how magic works in SR unfortunately. The magic system is pretty concise to keep it balanced for the most part.

All that aside, if you and your players can agree on something then go for it! ...just don't expect outsiders to understand. wink.gif
kill o gram
Thanks for the input guys.

Our group has just "graduated" from a very sloppy game system in the last two months, and moved on to Shadowrun. The other game had so many inconcievably incompetent rules that we were forced to change many things to make it playable(and I don't mean twisted munchkin rules to satiate any hack and slash issues, I mean just to make the game make sense). Old habits die hard.

The first thing I did when picking up SR, was flip through the book wondering what I should change first.

I'm not used to playing a game where the rules actually make sense. biggrin.gif
Eyeless Blond
Wait till you see the vehicle section. Or the FAQ ruling allowing you to bypass armor in an abstracted combat and armor system. Or the firearm customization rules. Or the four different types of encryption, two of which are completely pathetic and another two of which are nearly unbreakable even at low ratings. Or the unarmed combat rules. Or...

Trust me, there's still plenty of things to change. None of them, however, are really central to the system itself, which in general is fairly solid. Most of the odd kludgy rules are for corner cases or are otherwise relatively easy to isolate.
Realize this now kill o gram:

SR sometimes places things in abstract temrs to help simplify what is usually a complex situation. Fight the urge to make it more complex and play it for what it is. Use words to fill in the lack of detail instead of dice.

With that being what it is, there are some "less than perfect" areas that need work, but nothing IMO that's a show-stopper.

Have fun. cool.gif

EDIT: grammer > me.
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