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Ol' Scratch
QUOTE (Sandoval Smith @ Nov 5 2004, 11:13 AM)
Anyway, that's definitely a bad plan at chargen, IMO.

Not from experience on both accounts.

Initiation has a bad reputation on these boards. It's not the uber pinnacle of magical existance. It's just another option for magicians just like foci are. In fact if you ever look in some of the munchkin threads that crop up from time to time, take a look at which gets selected more often; foci or initiation grades.
Kremlin KOA
I allow both
QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
I personally allow cultured bioware, because it is canon to do so (and because most of the stuff that make bioware worth getting is in there).

QUOTE (Shadowrun FAQ)
Generally, this is the gamemaster's call, based upon how available s/he wants to make such gear in his or her game. We recommend to sticking to the Availability rule (no character can start the game with any gear with an Availability higher than 8 ).
If you want an official call, then the answer is that all basic bioware with an Availability of 8 or less is available at character creation. Cultured bioware and nanoware are not, since they require the equivalent of a beta-clinic to implant.

That's from here.

IIRC the books never explicitly say that cultured bioware is unavailable at chargen. However, I got the distinct impression that cultured bioware is on the level of betaware, and thus shouldn't be. But like the FAQ says, it's the gamemaster's call. smile.gif
The key word there is FAQ, but we've got enough flamewars over the illegitimacy of that as a canon source.

That being said, I don't think allowing betaware would be particularly unbalanced at chargen either. IIRC the Avail jumps such that most 'ware would be unavailable anyway, and the cost makes the rest prohibitive.

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