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Full Version: Simsense and the Astral Plane
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Do simsense rigs pick up astral perception if installed in astrally capable or dual natured beings?

For instance, could a company use ghouls or other dual natured beings as astral watch dogs, then fit them with simsense rigs to give a security control room views of incoming astral threats?
Kremlin KOA
by canon no, but I have always wondered if the emotive track could be used with hellhounds to note astral presences... when hell hound gets upset you have astral intruder
might be cheaper to just watch to see when the hellhound starts attacking empty air.

i can't remember where it says--probably Shadowbeat--but astral perception cannot be recorded with simsense.
Crimsondude 2.0
Definitely in Shadowbeat. Also in SSG.

They use CGI for magic and astral effects.
Drats, foiled! Oh well, I'll probably just decree that to be wrong and do it anyway in my games in order to make magicians less all-powerful. Does anybody see any long-term problems where this will incredibly screw things up if I house-rule it? Also, to stay as on-course as possible, I should read up on this in shadowbeat. Anyone got a page number on that?
Crimsondude 2.0
Page 76 of Shadowbeat. "Astral elements simply do not show up in an ASIST recording."

Page 26, Sprawl Survival Guide.
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