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Full Version: Physical Magicians
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I have a question.

I am currently playing a physical shaman. I used 2 magic points for increased reflexes and 4 points for magical power.

My spell casting rating is effectively 4 but my magic rating is 6. If i were to throw a rating 5 manabolt at a target, would I take physical or stun damage from the drain?

Also since i am currenlty at work could anyone by chance point me to the book and page for rules regarding spell stacking?

Ol' Scratch
Magic Power gives you a virtual Magic Attribute that is used for *all purposes* dealing with your conjuring and spellcasting abilities. If you cast that Manabolt 5, you would suffer Physical Drain. It's also used for calculating Spell Pool and anything else relating to any related aspected of magic. Your real Magic Attribute is used for everything else including any adept powers that may be dependant on it.

In addition, your virtual Magic Attribute will only increase if you increase your Magic Power adept power. Initiating without doing so will not increase it, though a Power Focus will (since it only applies to Magic for purposes of spellcasting and conjuring).

Not sure what you mean by spell stacking, though. If you mean just having more than one spell sustained at a time, you suffer a +2 target modifier on all actions while manually sustaining a spell. If using a sustaining focus or some other technique, the penalty is reduced or nullified completely depending on the technique. If you mean casting more than one spell at a time, it's in the Sorcery section of the Magic chapter in the SR3 sourcebook. It's almost never worthwhile, though.
I think he means having something like an Armor 4 and Armor 6 spell active at the same time. In every case I can think of, only the highest force spell applies.
Herald of Verjigorm
Stacking could mean three things, I will comment on the last.

Simultaneous casting lets you unleash multiple spells as one complex action. Your available dice must be divided between each spell being cast that way. Drain is handled seperately for each spell, but there is a +2 on each test for each other spell being cast.

Example: drain of manabolt, armor, and increased reflexes: each of these will be at +4 drain, but you do get to use your entire willpower for each test.

Page 181, bottem left, read carefully.
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