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Full Version: Missing Otaku
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I have the Shadowrun Companion but I cannot find any information in it about the Otaku. I wouldn't even be looking for them if they weren't listed on the chart for creating a character (costing an additional 30 building points no less). I figured they would be listed with the other special races like shapeshifters, ghouls, and metavarients, but no luck. And they aren't even listed in the index.

I have no idea what they are so it really isn't that important, but with a 30 point cost I'm assuming that they have some hefty abilities/stats/etc. to make them worthwile and I am curious what those are. Any help would be appreciated.
Herald of Verjigorm
Check Matrix. They are to deckers what adepts are to street sams. However, they are not magical except by GM whim and in the excessive arguments of a few who post here.
Or if they really lucky/unlucky.
Could you perhaps give me the page # that they are listed on? I read through the table of contents twice trying to find them but couldn't. I also flipped through the book trying to them to no avail.
Matrix p.133.

For your information, Matrix is a Rules Expansion book.
Thanks for the help. I looked over the rules section (or rather glanced at the 4 full pages of text) and decided that maybe they can wait until later =).
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