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Full Version: Campaign ideas
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Campaign ideas

My GM just cancelled the active SR game. He was very much justified as it want giving him any fun and we got what may be my first worthwhile whit wolf game out of it (I have decided to be optimistic at least its not another game of D20) but I am considering throwing out a game in the SR universe. But not focusing on the shadows.

I was Looking at SR comp earlier and reminded by the thread on a templar game of the trained to be ghosts variant. To be honest I was thinking it might be a bit of a cheat to create a more cohesive campaign flow and get several players past the problems they had with character conflict in previous SR games.

What organisations are worth running as the teem backers and what books would I need to get there aims tactics and spheres of influence over a reasonable time scale.

If you want to use published material, the Draco Foundation, Major Corps or the Elven Courts could all be useful to you, as could the Catholic church. I believe the books that would be relevant are Portrait of a Dragon, Tir Na Nog, Corporate Download, or Threats 2. SoE also has some great bkgd material on the establishments in Europe and how to get teams involved with global politics on a small to large scale.

Another option is to create your own organization--a mid-grade corp that is making the push to become a AAA; a young Dragon who has latched on to a subset of the 6th world and has plans of grandeur.

Just think about what you want the underlying thread to be and move from there...

Is there a timeline document somewhere that lists all the major events so I can get the background right.

Kanada Ten
Timeline Explorer
Crimsondude 2.0

Damn you K10. You went and ruined the joke.

I guess I probably should reload these tabs when I actually look at them.
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