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Full Version: The 3rd Edition GM Screen
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WOOT! *slowly takes his hand off his SR GM Screen printing press*

*door opens*
"Feonyx... you're coming with us!"
*muffled screams*
*door slams*

What all is on the GM screen? There's one on sale at my local shop for $15... I've already got paranormal animals of north america, so critters isn't all that necessary. But what's on the screen that makes it so useful?

Probably just the fact there are no SR screens since SR1.
QUOTE (GrinderTheTroll)
Probably just the fact there are no SR screens since SR1.

Except for the SR2 GM Screen and the SR3 GM Screen, but I guess they don't count.
LOL. Must not count.

Its just a handey refrence. I am new to SR3 so it will be more helpful for me than some one who is more old school.
QUOTE (Adam)
GMs are typically a much smaller buying audience than players, plus the margin on GM screens is rather poor.

Really? I got to get my players to start buying the books for me then.

As for getting more critters, I found the Paranormal Animals of Barsaive book can be fun to port into shadowrun, especially if your going places that people haven't gone to since the awakening. Wouldn't mind seing more of them in Running Wild.

Sent a cave crab after my players one time. Good fight.
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