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I've spent quite a lot of time developing this rough draft of a Revised ShadowRun Duels game, which I call (lamely) SRD: Reloaded.

Download it, take a look, and please, by all means, let me know what you think!

SRDR Download

Downloading now, but what was your fundamental reason for a rewrite? What were you looking to fix, add, or subtract?

My main goal was to add a character creation system, since WizKids is likely to not give us any more characters. I also wanted to address some of the Character Point vs. Value issues I had (although I can easily see people disregarding some of those "fixes" as making little sense to them- I based things largely off of my own opinion about the characters and my own experiences- YMMV)

I also through a scenario and a campaign style advancement system that can allow a character to grow with repeated play. The actual mechanics of the game are almost completely unchanged- they are expended rather than altered, in most cases.

Eager to hear some feedback
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