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Full Version: MCT Subsidiaries
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I'm without Corporate Download, where I assume some of this information would be. Does MCT have any weapons manufacturing subsidiaries? Considering the border war between the SSC and Tsimshian, I have to imagine MCT is getting weapons into the Tsimshian somehow.
Kanada Ten
Mitsuhama Militia-ware. Mitsuhama makes a wide variety of military equipment from weapons, planes, tanks, drone armies, and skillwires sets, ect.
Young Freud
MCT Militiaware is located in the Philippines and primarily does most of it's transactions there. However, I can see MCT using the Salish-Tsimshian border war to open up the arms market there.
Kanada Ten
That doesn't really make sense because MCT is mentioned as having a military research and development compound in Seattle in the Neo Anarchist Guide to Real Life as the first example of a Zero-Zero Zone.
IIRC, a talk following the blurb about Militia-ware in Cyberpirates says that Mitsuhama has very few assets in the defense industry. This is more or less comforted by an asset rating of 4 in Corporate Download (just "Adequate", only Wuxing as less). The CDL is also specifically referring to military contracts with Japan, Russia and Quebec for military drones.

I'd consider MCT has (logically considering their range of interests) a very complete military drone activity, from research to sale, while for other type of armaments, tanks or guns, Mitsuhama Militia-ware is mostly producing under licenses or even sometimes only act as a commercial intermediary, bidding with others products.
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