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Full Version: Max # of pool dice
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So, the general rule is that you can't add more dice than the original skill with a pool, unless it's a damage resistance roll, in which case use all you can. Right?

So, my question is, when adding dice from multiple pools (such as astral combat and astral pool, or specific spell focus and spell pool) can you only double the original number of dice from the skill, or can you add that many dice from each applicable pool? Thanks.
I'd say the maximum number of dice is still capped by your Skill Rating, no matter where you take the dice from....
Ol' Scratch
Actually, the general rule is that you can add as many dice as you like unless a specific pool or rule states otherwise... at which point the limitation exists for each pool individually. See SR3 p. 43 for more details (second paragraph on the second column).

There is a FAQ answer on this topic, however, but it includes tidbits that are contrary to the canon rules (namely the last part).

Can dice from more than one pool be used if both pools are applicable? If a character can use dice from more than one pool at once, is he still limited to a number of total pool dice equal to the appropriate skill?
Yes and Yes. Astral Pool can be used along with Astral Combat Pool, for example. You can never use more pool dice (total, from all applicable pools) than the relevant skill dice.
Austere Emancipator
I'm 99% sure it's like Ombre said, you can't add more Pool dice than the skill (or whatever the normal limitation to Pool dice usage is in the particular test) regardless of how many separate Pools you draw dice from. Couldn't find where it says that with a cursory glance, though (since it's not in Dice Pools, sr3.43-44 nor in the Initiation section/Astral Pool in MitS). Might be under the Task Pool descriptions in M&M?

[Edit]Or maybe I just read it from the FAQ that Doctor Funkenstein just quoted.[/Edit]
Here for a recent discussion on te topic.
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