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Full Version: More new metamagics
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Alright, there's a new idea for a metamagic every week. Let's have 'em and comment on 'em.

I post for fodder: What about a metamagic that allows the mage to accept karma from others the same as a Free Spirit can. It would have to be learned from a Free Spirit (of course). If the ritual to increase the gift ratio is used by another character, the target number is the magician's magic (including grade).

This would only be useful if Cash for Karma and Karma for Cash are nixed by the GM.

Please post your ideas and comment on those ideas.
Most GMs will not like the idea because it erodes their control over the power a magically active character can accrue.

I like the idea. It is about the only idea for a meta-magic I have heard proposed that actually makes sense. The technique already exists for free spirits.

Could a magician learn it from a free spirit then teach it to another mage? If not, then GMs can still limit it by not allowing the PC to find a free spirit willing to teach it. Then the PC may try binding a free spirit and ordering it to teach him.
I like the idea of metamagics, they really expand the mages game.

I would like to see a metamagic that dealt with shadows, I am not sure what you could do . Perhaps "melding" where you could move within shadows?
Ol' Scratch
That's what spells are for. Metamagic modifies your ability to use your magic.
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