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Full Version: Dumb and dirty question
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Joe Outside
Ok, I've done a search and turned up nothing, so now to sound stupid: Where can I find information on the Movement metamagic ability?
Crusher Bob
There's a spirit power named movement, but AFAIK no metamagic ability. The spirit power should be in the main book.
Herald of Verjigorm
Those who follow the totem of horse may learn a limited version of the movement power as a metamagic. The limits are listed in the description of the totem.
Movement power, for spirits and such, is on page 265 of SR3.
I hear some of them there nature-type dudes in the Outback get access to this Metamagic as well.
Joe Outside
Thanks all. I saw mention of a movement metamagic here and it got me curious as I was looking for something like that for one of my characters. I'll check my friend's T:AL next.
Way back when there was an article in White Wolf about a physical adept power that would increase your movement multiplier.

Not sure which issue it was in, but i have the issue.
Ancient History
I know I'm a little late, but me metamagic page is still up fer reference' sake. Arr.
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