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hi...this came up yesterday afternoon during a game session and i've been thinking about it all night long:

does central park still exist in NYC in 2063???

i know some books state than NYC was built up after the earthquake and it's taller and uglier than before but what about central park??? does it still exist or did it get paved over to make room for more buildings??? if it still exists, can it can considered as a forest domain or has it been surrounded by the urban too much that it turned toxic???

thanks for any help!!!!
Ol' Scratch
According to the Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America, Central Park is still around. I don't remember enough from the New York entry to state if it's in good condition or not, but I imagine it is. I wouldn't say its toxic at all.
I know this one is out of print, so here's the entry on the Central Park residential area:

Central Park East (Security AAA)
NYPD Inc. and Knight Errant

Central Park West (Security AAA)
NYPD Inc and Winter Systems

  Here is where anybody who is anybody in New York lives. When the city was being redesigned, the planners set aside these two great strips on both sides of the park for residential buildings. The strips run from 86th to 60th Street and are a city block wide. The views are tremendous. Bet on it.
  No big surprise that cops are everywhere.

From that I'd say that CP is still alive and kicking, and probably safer in the 2050's and 60's than it is today biggrin.gif
thanks for the quick replies!!!!!
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