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Full Version: Customized Active Softs
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Dr. Black
A little confused on Customized Activesoft costs.

Canon Companion PG. 60-61. " size increases by 150 percent"

So a rating 3 activesoft would be design size 3*3*3*2.5= 67.5mp
and would cost 6750NY.

CC PG 64 shows that the cost of Customized option is x2.

Does that mean the customized rating 3 activesoft costs 13500ny ?

Seems kinda pricey if thats the case.

Please enlighten me.
Ol' Scratch
A rating 3 ActiveSoft with the Customization option would only take up 13 Mp of memory on your Skillwires, but counts as 40 Mp for purposes of calculating how much it costs (which then gets a x2 multiplier on top of that). Thus, it would cost you 8,000 nuyen. And yes, all software in Shadowrun is pricey.
Dr. Black
Hmm, Doc. that doesnt add up to me.

Seems like you are taking 27mp standard design size and adding 50%.

The book says " size increases by 150 percent", not 50%.

Unless Im missing something that is.
Ol' Scratch
Ah, see, I always just assumed they meant "150% the normal size." I guess you're right with the 67 Mp rating (but remember that everything is rounded down unless stated otherwise). My mistake.
Since the availability of customized skillsofts and knowsofts is over 8, Street index is 2.5, so it gets even more expensive.
The reason I think they are expensive is because I think you have to find someone with the skill to program activesofts, then have a one-on-one session with them to tweak that 'soft to your person. So not only are you paying for the software, you're paying for the service as well.
Dr. Black
I understand the street index mark up is quite significant. I was doing this workup for a new character, thus no street index. At 13,400 NY per rating 3 customized activesoft, I think I will just use Skillwires 4/50 and 4800NY Activesofts. Or, Skillwires 3/30 and 2700NY activesofts - depends on available funds.

This character was going to have at least 30 activesofts and thus the price per was very important.
Ol' Scratch
As mentioned, unless you're stretching beyond the standard Availability limits for a new character, you won't be able to get them Customized at the start. (Ask your GM though.)
Dr. Black
Good call Doc.

I misread the Availability for standard activesofts as 4 instead of 6.
Ol' Scratch
tisoz is the one who mentioned it first. I usually start characters off with Skillwires 2/6 Mp and Optimized 'softs fed through a Chipjack Expert Driver 3 myself, then eventually snag some Customized 'softs after the start of play. 6 dice is practically as good as 7, and at 6,000-nuyen a pop, they're relatively cheap to boot. Couple that with a set of 'wires that only cost 6,000-nuyen and 0.4 Essence themselves and it's a bargain for any non-serious 'soft users. smile.gif
Skillwires and skill softs hurt my brain. Almost as much as the pilot soft things for drones.
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