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Full Version: Is he any good?
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Cynic project
Current Name Jack Chance
Real Name David Wind-runner
Race Human Height 1.85 cm
Sex Male Weight 76.5 kg
Eyes brown Hair black
Birthdate 02/07/45
Birthplace Sioux,Wounded Knee
Total Karma 0
Unspent Karma 0
Lots of tattos,most of them tribal.
Character Notes
Bio:Bioware MM-77
Bio:Longer Heal +1TN Heal
Bio:Bioware Stress Levels
Bio:Lesser Immunity +1Power

Standard Credstick[3]/2000 0

Credstick Total ==>> 5000

Edges & Flaws

Dark Secret->That thing with bus 502 -2
Hunted Lev 1->Souix -2
Allergy Uncom & Mild->latex -2
Bad Karma 0
Friends in High Places 0
Extra Contact 0
Good Reputation Lev 1 0

Body 5
Quickness 6
Strength 4
Charisma 4
Intelligence 6
Willpower 5
Essence 3.37
Run Mult. 3
Magic 3
BioIndex 0.6
Reaction 7(9)
Init. Dice 1(3)
Karma 1 Spell 4
Combat 8 Task 0
Control 0
Hacking 0 Astral 0

Type Conc Ball Imp
X:Form-fitting Armor Lvl [3] 12 4 1

Condition Monitor
Stun Physical Overdamage
+1 to TNs(-1 Init) L L +1 to TNs (-1 Init)

+2 to TNs (-2 Init) M M +2 to TNs (-2 Init)

+3 to TNs (-3 Init) S S +3 to TNs (-3 Init)

Unconscious D D Dying
Stun overflows into Physical
+ TN# = -REAC#

Active Knowledge & Language
Assault Rifles [6] SW:Megacorporate Security(KNO) [6]

MA:Wildcat [6] SW:Miltech Manufacturers(KNO) [4]

MA:Wildcat/MN:Blind Fighting [2] SW:Tribal Politics(KNO) [4]

MA:Wildcat/MN:Close Combat [2] IN:Desert Wars(KNO) [3]

MA:Wildcat/MN:Full Offense [2] IN:Fashion(KNO) [3]

Pistols [6] Arms Dealers(KNO) [6]

Athletics [6] Criminal Organizations(KNO) [4]

Stealth [6] English(LAN) [4]

Etiquette/Tribal [5/7] Spanish(LAN) [4]

Demolitions [6] Cherokee(LAN) [2]

Name Slot(1-6) Stress Notes
Enhanced Articulation BI:0.60 mm.066|+1RCT, 1 addt'l die to Combat, Physical, Technical,& B/R skill tests

Name Occup. Archetype Race/Desc Location/LTG# Lev
Freebie1 / 1
Freebie2 / 1
Jenner Bladeboy Fixxer / 1
Richard Smith Lawyer / 1
Friends in High Places Corp, Enforcement, etc / 2
Extra Contact Corp, Enforcement, etc / 1


Type Dmg Con Rch Sht (4) Med (5) Lng (6) XtM (9) Mode Ammo Wt.
X:Ares Predator III (HPist) Smartlink-2 9M 4 5 20 40 60 SA 15© 2.25
X:Beretta Model 95S-B (HPist) Smartlink-2 9M 5 5 20 40 60 SA/BF 15© 2.5
X:Ares Alpha (AsRf) Grenade Launcher 8(m), RC(2), Smartlink-2 8M 2 50 150 350 550 SA/BF/FA 42© 5.25
X:Ares HVAR (AsRf) RC(3), Smartlink-2, 6 rnd BF = 12D, See Rules 6M 2 50 150 350 550 SA/BF/FA 50© 5
+X: 42-Rnd Clip (Gel) - 8 1.8
+X: 42-Rnd Clip (Gel) - 8 1.8
+X: 42-Rnd Clip (EX Explosive) - 8 3.9
+X: 42-Rnd Clip (EX Explosive) - 8 3.9
+X: 50-Rnd Clip (EX Explosive) - 8 4.5
+X: 50-Rnd Clip (EX Explosive) - 8 4.5
+X: [6]15-Rnd Clip (EX Explosive) - 8 11.25
+X: [3]15-Rnd Clip (Gel) - 8 3.375

Gunsmith Kit (Pistol) @sr3.288,cc.72 5
Gunsmith Kit (AR) @sr3.288,cc.72 5

Total Weight 61.775

Name Slot(1-6) Stress Notes
Ears Cyber Repl(B) E:0.18 sr3.299|Holds .5 Essence of ear mods free of Essence cost
+ Ear Dampener(B) E:0.06 sr3.299|Protect against loud/damaging sound
+ Ear Hearing Amp(B) E:0.12 sr3.299|Similar to shotgun microphone
+ Ear High Freq(B) E:0.12 sr3.299|Hear high frequencies
+ Ear Low Freq(B) E:0.12 sr3.299|Hear low frequencies
+ Sound Filter [2](B) E:0.12 sr3.299|+2 die to sound Perception, 4x against white noise
+ Balance Augmentor(B) E:0.24 mm.13|-2 Balance and Knockdown TNs, WIL(4) test to fall
Eyes, Cyber Replacement(B) E:0.12 sr3.300|Holds .5 Essence of eye mods free of Essence cost
+ Eyes, Flare Comp(B) E:0.06 sr3.300|Eliminate glare modifiers
+ Eye Image Enhancement(B) E:0.09 cp.14|When activated, visual perception tests -1.
+ Eyes, Image Link(B) E:0.12 sr3.300|Display text and images in field of vision
+ Eyes, Microscopic Vis.(B) E:0.06 mm.17|-2 TNs to fine manipulation tests (ex. elec + comp b/r)
+ Eyes, Thermographic(B) E:0.12 sr3.300|Thermographic vision
+ Eyes, Vis Mag Opt[2](B) E:0.12 sr3.300|Conceal 9, see pages SR3-110 and SR3-280 for effects
Boosted Reflexes [3](B) E:1.68 sr3.302|+2RCT, +2INI
Smartlink II(B) E:0.30 mm.31|-2 to TNs for firing a Smartlink-II weapon, +2 Called Shot modifier

You could save a little Essence ... and money ... buy getting the Smartlink by subsystem, and eliminating the Eye Display (as the Image Link performs te same function and more).
Cynic project
I will change that part later,when I put it before my GM.

I will post his past up shortly,and it is rather corny. I know, but basically he is from the Sioux,and is on the run because his Unit was set up.In the middle of an dispute,his higher up had him and his unit kill a VIP....
Kanada Ten
Pretty good to me. A little heavy on the Edges and Flaws, but that's personal taste. And Fashion? FASHION? Not Sioux Ghost Tales? Or Sensor Dead Zones of the Sioux Border?? Sweet.
QUOTE (Kanada Ten)
A little heavy on the Edges and Flaws, but that's personal taste.

With an allergy to latex I'd say he's still missing the Dependents flaw. wink.gif
Kanada Ten
Feh, in the Sioux Nation they use goat skin...
Cynic project
Well,he is running from the Suix, so it is not like he is going to honor their civil laws.... I need to do a lttile remodeling of his guns,mainly aiding recoil-comp,and flush out all the detail.. But I am thinking of good contacts.
Why does he have a magic rating?
Wounded Ronin
Because he's cool like that.
QUOTE (mintcar @ Nov 25 2004, 09:14 AM)
Why does he have a magic rating?

Because the stat-block was copied directly from the output from the NSRCG, which does that on occasion.
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