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Full Version: On the issue cyberdeck construction
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Johnny Reb
sat down to hash out a few low-end cyberterminals and decks last night, only to be reminded of how messed up teh entire proceedure is.

In particular, the math doesn't remotely work out on most of what I'm trying to do, then teh examples are just messed up ... the deck with an MPCP of 2, Bod 5, and Sensors 6, for example. Even *I* know that shouldn't be, and yet there it is, as a sample design.


Does anyone have a cleaned up version of deck crafting? Something less cluttered and more correct than teh current version? Or, heck, a program that'd do it? Anything?

Because the book version makes a man cry.

-- Johnny Reb
I feel for you Johnny. I had to make a spreadsheet just to figure out what actions can be taken at a given moment, the TN and what the various pools were at currently, and even then it doen't cover otaku.

One other tidbit I had never noticed before, to use a dataline tap for decking, it must be the same rating ot higher than your deck's mpcp.
CCOC is a good "no-frills" app that I use from time to time.

> LINK <
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