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QUOTE (Doctor Funkenstein)
Personally I think they should ditch memory all together and just assume (probably rightly so) that by 2060 we'll have effectively unlimited memory capabilities.  Instead, processing should be based on the ratings of the software and the hardware's limitations.  It's not only easier, but it requires less paperwork and bookkeeping.

Moving ahead with this line of thinking, I want to looking and how/if gamebalance would be effected if this was the case in SR.

This would impact Decking the most for obvious reasons, but with that aside, how would it help or harm other areas of SR?

Let's hear what you've got to say!
Ol' Scratch
It requires quite a bit of tinkering to make it work under the current system. Right now, it uses Rating as a limit as the most complex program you can run, and memory to simulate how many of those programs you can run at once. There is no easy fix for that without getting weird.
Decking aside, what would be the problem with a video cam that records "virtually unlimitedly"? Or a Pocket Secretary that could hold all your's and your buddies data? Riggers would rejoice that their drones could be flying video recorders. Cyberware that has MP requirements (TacComps, ChemAnalysis, AutoMaps, SkillSofts) could still use the MP for calculating cost. Skillwires would take some tinkering, but for the most part, I can't see game-breaking problem with this type of thing.
I have always envisioned MP as a combination of memeory storage and processor priority. That's why offline storage is so cheap it isn't eating processor space as badly as Storage and Active memory.
The Jopp
Well, I see no problem since it can all be easibly solved. Any kind of basic storage memory should be almost free but when calculating cost for a device that can hack (Cyberdeck) or improve ones skills (Skillwire) then you should use the normal rule just for game balance. Average storage memory used for carrying large amount of data (be it your reciepe collection, MP3 files or that incredible valuable data that you stole) then it should be very cheap because it is after all just storage memory.

If a character has a standard tabletop computer and wants a certain amount of storage memory then I would allow him to have it really freaking cheap, a hi-tech Deck on the other hand is something specially designed to hack through secure computer systems which makes that kind of memory more specialized for that task, and thus, more expensive.

I would still say that one had to pay for storage memory for opticams and such devices but there should be a clear table for how much size something takes up instead of having it spread out in different columns and different books.

For example

Simsense 1 Minute / 60MPs
Trideo Files 60 Minutes / 60MPs
High-Quality Audio: 6 Hours / 60MPs
Image Files (High 3D Quality) 600 Images / 10MPs
Image Files (Regular Quality) 1200 Images / 10MPs
Basic Computer Data & Programs See program Cost Table

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