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Full Version: Control manipulations
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Do you use net successes or regular successes when determining how many successes are needed for a control manipulation spell to succeed?


Give a target has a willpower of 6 and makes no successes on the resistance test would I need...

A: 3 net successes (2 successes = 1 net success) or 6 successes


B: 3 successes
All spells of that nature are resisted. Actually you can shorten that to all non voluntary spells are resisted.

In this case it is net sucesses.
B) 3 normal successes, since the target made no successes on his spell resistance.

By the way, your defination of net successes is a little off here. Net successes = Caster successes - target successes.
Yeah, toturi made a point that I overlooked, where are you getting your wonky definition of net sucesses?
Ol' Scratch
Yeah, I think you have "net successes" mixed up with the semi-common rule where you need two successes to equal one success (such as with Centering or Complimentary Skills). As mentioned, that's not what a net success is. smile.gif
My group has always used that definition to the extent that I never thought to question it. Hmm..................this changes things.
Yea it would. Greatly. Man, for deckers alone that change would be killer.
Ol' Scratch
If you've been using that definition throughout the entire game, yes, you'll probably discover the game is completely different if you use the correct defintion. It applies in almost every field, combat especially.
weve used the correct rules for combat but we just never used the term net successes for it.

EDIT: Weve just basically been calling every 2 sucesses a net success.
Don't you need Net successes equal to atleast the Threshold value (1/2 Willpower in this case) to make it stick? So, target gets zero all the caster would need is 3+ right?
Ol' Scratch
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