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Well, there's a topic for bad ones, so how about a topic for good ones.
What are the street names that you have used, or your group has used, that were good.

I'll kick it off.

Nope, I'm not kidding.
Stumps was the name of a Dwarf character I once had. He was named Stumps after a brand of SixthWorld cigerettes called, "Stumps".
(The smokes are found in SR2 artwork)
There's Nutters the... I think it was squirrle shaman. Hmm. Something like squirrle.

And by the same player.

Cadillac Jack, wheel man.
Jason Farlander
The mage I am currently playing, who specializes in control manipulation and illusion spells, was, until recently, named Syke. I never did really decide which pronunciation for it I liked better (one or two syllables), but, fortunately, it didn't matter that much insofar as it's an online game.

As some here may recall, the character underwent something of a transformation a bit ago, and now goes by the name Anima. Psychology buffs might find that amusing, or even clever. Or not. *shrugs*
The French Teacher
She was an honest to god high school french teacher turned neo-anarchist after a corp shut down her school.

Ribbon B. Frizzle
The worst name ever, and yet, the best name ever.

Sammy Hagar the Horrible
Fixer and 1980s metal renaissance man.

To the point.

Yeah, alright, The French Teacher was the only one that was any good...
Elf Anime poser mage. He runs around dressed in ninja battle armor with a HUD and bright blue mowhawk. The party nicknamed him Rainbow. He quickly dubbed himself RAINBOW NINJA! So he runs around yelling "Rainbow Ninja, lighting attack!" before casting spells.
Wow, thats not good. IMO thats pretty dumb...
Im finding that call signs after animals work good. Rhino, Fox, Owl, Wren, Mongoose, Platapuse, Roo.
Animal names, very original.
I go with Yorick for any of my characters with a cyberskull.
I'll throw out a second one.
I've mentioned it slightly elsewhere as well.

James C. Prophet.
Aka J.C. Prophet and "The Prophet"
He had 12 guns and a 3 piece rifle that he loaded blindfold from a pile of ammo that was 50% tranq and 50% regular. It was Gods decision in his eyes.

And here's another.
A knife fighter/ganger-trying to make it into the Shadows named Vic.
Sometimes went by the name Victor.
Got the name because of his exclusive use of Victorinox blades.
HMHVV Hunter
I named my vampire hunter adept "Helios."
Vampires fear the sunlight, and Helios was a sun god, and this guy is a vampire hunter that vampires (if they're smart) definitely fear, so...

It's the most original character name I've ever come up with for any RPG, apart from my Abyssal Exalted that I got to name "He Who Slays the Dragons and Shakes the Earth" because Abyssals get such cool names.

So yeah, that's my contribution.

He didn't fuck around.
Hmm. I've used Bluesummers, most recently. Some of the former ones, Kail, Ascheron, Arbiter, Prelate, Harbinger....can't remember some of the others offhand.

As for Bluesummers, he actually has a couple identities. Instead of one street name, keeps the heat down by using different handles in different places on the planet. Hell, even in different areas of Seattle.
I had a rigger who had "Jon Luke Packard" as a real name

Other names in various campaigns that I've been in that I liked were:

The Rose
Slut Puppy

Okay, maybe not the last one. That name just makes me laugh. All names properly earned (including the last).
My weapons specialist archetype character, had his street name changed after I spent 6 karma points in failure-rerolls in 3 rounds to keep him from falling off a rocking gunboat and being eaten by para-crocodiles. Since then everyone knows him as Gator.

Seems like all the best street names are the ones you don't give your own character.
I couldn't come up with a name for my recent tough-as-a-troll but with no reflex increases human phys-ad, my fellow players just called him Brick, and the name turned out to be accurately appropriate and stuck.
Joe Outside
There's a heavily-cybered orc sammy in our group who fell overboard during an aquatic mission and somehow survived long enough to walk to shore. Since then he's been called "Anchor"

We had a gang campaign going for a while--our gang's name was "the doughnuts" since we had a MO of taking the security guards' doughnuts whenever we hit a place--our gang names were based on what type of doughnut we went for first (I was Pecan Bar) except for the troll--being hard and crusty, we called him Day-Old.
Wounded Ronin
Dirk Thunderbarrel.

That's the name I'm most proud of.

And then we had a team named: BTM... short for "Better Than Most".

At a meeting with Mr. J the restaurant got taken over by terrorists and the J hired them to take the terrorists out. Since this was a very fancy restaurant at the top of a skyscraper all their equipment was at the ground floor (for some reason the terrorists had managed to get in some ARs (and other goodies)... go figure...). Anyway, at one point the team saw it's chance and managed to take out a couple of well armed terrorists in front of a couple of dozen suits (corp and organised crime). The big (unarmored) orc takes at least one bullet in the process and when the fight is over he gets up, looks at the suits and says: "And remember, we're Better Than Most." Instant humor karma. biggrin.gif
Captain Jackass--- earned by the player more than the character

Dragon Slayer --- not origional, except his teammates gave it to him after Masuru killed him in COD- part of Shadows of the Underworld. I let him live via Hand of God and forfitting all his Karma he would have earned that mission. Its pointless to let a brand new character die, they just get remade with a new name.

Shockwave--- my character who my friends nicknamed after an unfortunate grenade launcher accident. I learned SA GLs are not great in close quarters combat, especially in a tiny bar. At least I killed everyone else biggrin.gif
Matt, Ork Ex-Ganger
Gor, Hobgoblin Ex-Merc
Shanka, allround-nutter, Ex-Nuke, Cuban black dwarf with Reggae-fixation
Skip, Illusionist, existantialist ex-student

Keep 'em short, I say.
Simple and doesn't say anything the loads of character behind them (especially Matt and Gor). Of course, no one can beat Shanka for nuttiness

He didn't fuck around.


I can't help but think of King David from the Bible. He got into alot of trouble because he did fuck around...
Gyro the Greek Sandwich Pirate
"The Gardener"

It sounds so menacing, and yet so vague, doesn't it?

It also happened that it was a two foot tall gnome, but hey....
While teaching a newbie how dice rolls work with his newly created Troll Super-Melee ™ Phys Ad, the question of what the elven teacher will call his lumbering student.

"Jeez, I dunno. He hits stuff with his club, so call him Pebbles, I guess."

Though I knew well enough that he meant Bam-bam, and technically it was a staff, not a club, and furthermore that he was only kidding, we still ended up using the social interaction / combat as a part of the background for his 7 1/2 foot tall, 400lb, fu-manchu bearded, pony-tail with little skulls used-for-braids troll...

Named Pebbles. Pebbles the Troll.
QUOTE (Deadeye)
Named Pebbles. Pebbles the Troll.


Reminds me of a duo I played a couple of years ago that ran as Bubbles and Bonethrasher. Beautiful elf girl with big blue eyes and blonde ringlets .. mean-looking troll with steel-tipped horns and totally white eyes ... and she kicked his ass on a regular basis....

Man, I miss those guys. grinbig.gif
"The Chinaman." For a Chinese adept (and ex cop). Mainly for the jokes it engendered: "They're sending the Chinaman!" "Which one??!?" Or "The Chinaman always delivers."

Actually, it was great because it told you virtually nothing about its owner but it wasn't ostentatious either.
You tell him 'the only man who ever heard him call on Jesus.'

1 point to the first person to pick up the reference.
I know that I had named an NPC Gecko Mage "Blink", after the same spell I developed for her.

Invis + Double Image = That one spell from D&D? Dimension door, I think.

I like the name for an illusionist mage, because you tend to make the opposition blink at whatever drek you throw out.
Here are a few names from my campaign:
- Ramrod, ork samurai
- Vodyanoi, russian Troll samurai, specialized in underwater jobs
- Songs-of-Freedom, Eagle Shaman
- Amber Long-gun, Ex CAS sniper
- Mickey Mouth, Rat shaman, disfigured by a shotgun blast, hence the name
- Red Nose Big Kelly, Troll, ex-Lone Star cop (portrait I made at
My Webpage
-"Monkeys" , decker, from the three monkeys (hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing)
- R.I.P., decker ailed by a genetic disease which is slowly destroying his bones and muscles, hence cyberlimbs and muscle substitutes just to compensate his failing body, and a rather pessimistic worldview...
- 911, troll street samurai, cause that's what people are dialing whenever he shows up
- Stonewall Sam, Dwarf Samurai, ex SWAT
- Elroy Davenport, hermetic investigator
- Whisper, infiltration expert, ex NSA agent
- Zen, hermetic chinese Dwarf
- Sally Long-Legs, dwarf Rigger
- Barracuda, sea-going Rigger
- Rory O'Rourke, samurai, ex-Knight of the Red Branch terrorist
- Sonia Sledge, street samurai, two cyberlegs, Muay Thaļ specialist
- Ashigaru, human adept
- Sonny Fox, Decker
- Viper, street samurai
- Swift, Racoon shaman
- Jack Personne, street samurai, ex Fuchi bodyguard, "personne" meaning "nobody" in French
- Mauler, Troll adept

and so many others...
QUOTE (Arethusa)
You tell him 'the only man who ever heard him call on Jesus.'

1 point to the first person to pick up the reference.

"The Goose"

"Avacado" - this one is one of the best street names I have ever seen, for the simple fact that the player didn't pick it - it was given to him by the other characters. In other words, it was a 'real' earned street name. And that is just plain cool.
We did that once in our group.
We started off without streetnames and the group ended up giving them out as they came up with them.

"Einstein" was one such name that my character was given...and that was because of a rather not so E=MC2 move.
QUOTE (Critias)
QUOTE (Arethusa @ Dec 13 2004, 04:28 AM)
You tell him 'the only man who ever heard him call on Jesus.'

1 point to the first person to pick up the reference.


Yeah, yeah, take yer goddamn point an' get lost.
Kremlin KOA
Johnny Moronic: Troll Decker

adding in background here

he was born troll, to human parents. During his younger years, when he watched the shadowrunner trid shows. Johnny always loved the deckers... he was fascinated about the idea of datasteals... His friends always used to make good natured fun at this, as trolls were known not to be deckers. "I'll find a way! I'll do datasteals that will make half the deckers of seattle green with envy!" was his response when we jibed him. He later realised that running the matrix was not easy for a troll so he did things another way. He studied computer hardware design and electronics for years, while while his friends played, Johnny studied... making his parents so proud. He learned the designs used to make mainframes and how to extract data storage hardware intact. he has been a shadowrunner for a long time and he can datasteal any host... by stealing the drives.
QUOTE (Kremlin KOA)
Johnny Moronic: Troll Decker

God, Give me strenght...
I had one player sit down with a straight face tell me that his male 800 pound cyber troll's name was.

Backstory of it was.

His reason for the name was that to either assassinate a corp CEO or kidnap the son for blackmail. So he dressed up like a Bunny Clown for the kid's birthday and pulled a John Wayne Gacy. Bunny ears to hide the horns. Killed one of the 2 bodyguards of the kid, maimed the other with a ceramic forearm blade. Had hydrolic leg jacks too so he hopped around alot during the escape. So the Johnson heard of this story and said "you make one hell of a Bunny"
We always had names like:

Maug (Troll...yeah that it...he was only a troll nothing else)
Lauging Target
CAD (control, alt delete....this was chosen by an elven sniper not a decking..go figure)
KaBlam(these three were my best friends trolls)
Gallihad( real name was Martin Luther...a troll in full plate(ME)

All RIP guys...yall were 2 K3\/\/L
Xavier Cain - Human combat decker
Blaze - Elf Physical Adept
Silver - Human Combat Decker

I'm fairly new to Shadowrun, but these are chars i've made and run, Xavier and Blaze are both dead now, had a bad run in with some Knight Errant folks and being new didn't realize how deadly they were lol

The Twins: Chuckles and Giggles, Troll fraternal twins born to wealthy human parents that covered their existence up. One has Hybromania (uncontrollable laughter at the sight of blood and gore, the other pretends to) Chuckles was born human, and at puberty he expressed into a troll, Giggles was born a troll and was shuffled off quickly. They haven't been able to find each other yet, but Chuckles is looking for Giggles.

Ikarus: Prodigy Otaku (also NPC child decker, think D.A.R.Y.L)

Puck: Stealth phys ad

Mrs. Esterhaus (male face/disguise expert ala "the Saint" A.K.A "the Stain" and "the Guy")

Exum (short for "Exumtrificator" a huge troll with an equally huge vocabulary... he was always doing cross words and studying a dictionary... also when people pissed him off he liked to X'em)

Izzy (short for "Izumi Hatamoto" a genetically engineered freak of nature... "izzy a human? izzy a plant? izzy a reptile? you get the idea).

Kid Hg (otaku/decker. get out your periodic table...)

Vertigo (female illusionist aspected mage and infiltration expert... had a custom vertigo spell....)

Method (super genius / anti-corp terrorist)

Funny story... one time we were joking around about naming a character "Gator" because we thought it was so lame. Not ten minutes later a friend of ours shows up with a new character and says "i have the perfect name....GATOR!!" Needless to say it stuck....
Car adept, came out with 14 dice in car. No rigger could ever beat him.

Rigger, worked mostly with anthropods

2nd ed ULTRA-BROKEN-MUNCHIN by accident. (Remember how much bio and cyber you could load onto a character? God, do I miss those days.) A minotar who I took out of the game after I relized how unbalanced he was.

Rigger/adept/streetsam/decker/combatmage. I created him 5 times. All versions sucked.

My personal favorite. He was a decker who wasn't even mediocure... His talents really resided in his ability to take huge amounts of damage from black ice and such and still keep going. He ignored all damage up to S, had all the hardening edges and tons of overflow boxes, hyped up on bio so a D stun woudn't knock him out. He was a hell of a masocist. Try playing this type of person, its a blast!
QUOTE (Xavroc)
We always had names like:

CAD ( Compuer Aided Drafting)

Kinda have a fancy for Botch, given to after an interesting failure with explosives on a demolition job left him standing (well, bleeding, but still alive) and everyone else dead. Over the years he's proved it again and again. A Critical Bill of the accident prone.
Lessee... Had a dog shaman named Fidelis, a pacifist adept named Khi (while everyone listed specialty as 'Street Sam' or 'Mage', I said 'Weary Traveller'). I had a really fun character, TOTAL dork, but excellent decker who I named Stryker, just to drive the point home that he's just trying too hard.
QUOTE (algcs)
He quickly dubbed himself RAINBOW NINJA!

But half of the group calls you Snikerdoodle
Best name I've had so far is Riddle. He's a gun adept who is named after what he does to people with bullets. And I'm not saying that he asks tricky questions of people who carry ammo.
Crimson Jack
Fun topic. Gave me some good ideas for NPC's. smile.gif

Previous Players in my games:

Jackula - Probably my fav... decker, what else? Simple and cool play on common word.

Mr. White - Oni mage with a geas for wearing only white and a white ceramic mask fused to his face. He had a "cute" lil fedora with holes in it for his horns. Awww!

Cross - Elven assassin physad

Black Kali - Femme fatale Indian spy, specializing in poison (weapons and bioware) and desquise

Scratch - Scrappy female physad acrobat, specializing in throwing knives (tat of a crow's foot over her eye).

Absynthe - Ghoul SURGE'd ( ohplease.gif ) physad with blue skin, cat features, a third eye, and a tail. I almost poopooed this idea although the player made him enjoyable to laugh at for the few sessions he joined us.

Kovar - Asian human blademaster, had magic tats of dragons on his arms.

Mad Jack - Illegitimate son of Harlequin. Had a thing for trying to find his pop and mimicking his style.

Lo Chang - Chinese Kung Fu master with a penchant for talking funny like, "Word... home...ey" or "True dat... dawgy". Its hard to describe how amusing this was with the roleplaying associated with it.

Some of my created NPC's:

Slimline - Cajun decker bad boy, likes to woo the ladies. Styled his speech after Gambit. cool.gif

Judge - Detroit-based underworld boss, big black mofo like Marsellas (sp?) in Pulp Fiction. Has a pimped out limo and rigger/bodyguard.

Norrin Radd - Blackbird rigger with a thing for Silver Surfer (ahem, me too)

Canary - Cute n' perky British weapons specialist

Sins of Ancients - Cybermanced rigger, specializing in a SOTA (highly modified) hover/grav bike. Talked through a tinny little voice box she wore on her chest.

Clarence Stormcrow - Amerindian knife hunter

Capital Rex - Scottish face character, bit of a fish

Richter - Uber tuff mojo baddie. Master shedim with a few special powers, preferred to wear his face all wrinkled and "pruney" when in combat. Wears a long brim ashen hat and duster.

Sugarcane Joe - My one and only character that I play in a friend's game. Wakyambi elf Ghede houngan. Talks with a thick caribbean accent and lives in Trinidad, near sugar cane fields. Has a level 2 mortician contact... you do the math. nyahnyah.gif

Cherry Bomb - Cute asian chica with a specialization with using grenades. Black and cherry red hair with trendy clothes, snowboarder pants and big black shitkickers.

Collateral Jane - Urban renewal expert. Worked with a team of BBMF's all armed with HMG's and shoulder cannons.

Slitch - Burned out decker with a BTL addiction.

Carbon Copy - Another decker character.

Firefly - Lion shaman. Tall Africans slot with a topknotted fro and goattee. Packs a HK227 in the field.

Reese - Cat burglar art thief. Non-physad, non-mage, non-cyber, non-bio, jack of all trades. Very Batmany.

Anyhoo, that's all that come to mind.

I am currently playing "Metalhead" in SRMissions.

He's a troll, with... a metal head.


Okay, not the most creative name, but it does fit.

Cynic project
Well, off the top of my head I would have to List

Different Days, an voodoo person who was often caught having hopes for a better world. He was for a short time part of UB.

Doc,a street sam who loved to play doctor.

Cynic project who is a strong believer in the idea that Big D, was the worst dragon ever.

Blue... Well Blue was something spiffy see blue was a free spirit, in a game with way to many house rules.

And you have to give props to MAD.Because in nearly every run he used the MAD plain. in more than one case his plan worked.
Large Mike
QUOTE (Deadeye)
400lb, fu-manchu bearded, pony-tail

Well here is a sample of some streetnames in our groups

Discretion: Human Combat Decker that could actually keep secrets

Wizwire: Human Combat Mage with only 2 essence left and not becuase he took deadly wounds

Quickdraw: Human Bodyguard, once beat a Cyberzombie in a fastdraw contest. Alos known as an adept killer after he took out two two Physads in melee

Spectre: Recovering Burn-out Mage, often teamed with Quickdraw when an adversary was considered too tough for the others. Actually succeeded on casting a manabolt on a dragon once.

Howling Coyote: had an elemental spell with a sonic effect.

Balrog: troll samurai The origin of our group joke; How do you give a troll a light wound? Drop a light helicopter on him.

Frenchie: A hermetic mage with a french accent

Doc. Hack Ork Decker and medical Doctor. Also owner of a rather nice strip club and ExtraVivid Sinsense productions.

Girl: Elven Physical Adept that looked like a simsense star. Was desperately in love with Doc Hack but too shy to tell him
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