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Full Version: Looking for Matrix samples
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Hi all.

I am hoping to get an idea of the types of matrix systems you've all created and maybe a few notes about how they've worked. So if you have Matrix system(s) you'd like to share (stats, security sheaf, drawing, etc.) then please share! I am sure me as well as the other here would benefit from your ideas.

I am basically looking to branch out my thinking about different systems types and set-ups.

Kanada Ten
Hosts 'R' Us
Kanada beat me to it. It's past time I added a couple of Hosts to that thread.

Thanks for the reference, but does anyone else have any home-grown matrix systems they'd like to share? I am wanting to use the Matrix more and more in my campaigns, would like to see what other DSers have hinding up their collective sleeves.

As always, thanks in advance.

PS - the link is *really* useful btw. biggrin.gif
Host Generator

here's the host generator on the SR FAQ page.
just watch out, it defaults to the virtual realitys 2 system. you can set it to generate both hosts and grids useing the system in matrix tho. just in case someone miss that option wink.gif
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