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Full Version: Can an SK change "deck modes?"
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Can a Semiautonimous Knowbot change deck modes the way a decker can? Why or why not?

Matrix pg. 123 for Switching Modes and pg. 147-150 for info on SKs.
Oh dear, replying to my own post already: (I figure I should make some type of argument to get things moving)

Basically, the way I understand switching modes, is that you're essentially slaving one persona chip to another. To run in Masking mode at the expense of Bod, you use your Bod chip/program as a subprocessor to your Masking, and so your Bod suffers but you get a Masking boost.

So if an SK is made up of lots and lots of subroutines, then it's bod subroutine and it's masking subroutine are running software that is, if not identical, highly analgous to the software burned onto the chips for a deck's bod or masking. It stands to reason that an SK constructed this way should be able to switch modes just like a deck by slaving one subroutine to another, exactly like a deck.
I don't have Matrix in front of me, but I'd have to say why the heck not? An SK should be just as cool/tough as a decker, if not more so.
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