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Full Version: Bug in cybercombat rules
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Have anyone noticed that in cybercombat, hacking pool dice can only be used in the attack test ? If you read the page 226 in SR3 carefully, you will see that it is explicit: attack tests are augmented by hacking pool dice. When you go to the icon attribute resistance test, there is no such comment. Behold the Trace IC construct!
That's not a bug.

That's a feature.


I mean, perhaps it's an "intentional oversight", left out so that deckers have even more incentive to avoid cybercombat. Or some such drek.
Doesn't make much sense though, does it?
SR3 page 207's description of the hacking pool includes defense tests in the list of things hacking pool can be used on.
I think the brief "defense tests" note refers to defensive combat maneuvers, not to the attributes resistance tests. Do you think you can add hacking pool dices to Bod resistance tests? It has to be the same thing for evasion attribute resistance tests against trace IC.
Zeel De Mort
We allow it for almost all tests, including the Bod and Evasion rolls you mentioned, and also other attribute tests like Position-Attack etc. You could also add it to plain old Attack tests if you wanted, although there's often no need.

Not sure if this is strictly by the rules or not, sounds like it's not, but I'll look it up!
Necro Tech
There is no bug and yes you can use hacking pool in all tests unless it says otherwise. The section on pools states explicitly that it works on attack, defense, manuevers and even attribute tests and programming.
Thank you everybody. I think this discussion is close. I checked out and hacking pool really can be used on attribute tests.
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