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Full Version: Need to re-upload utilities when changing hosts?
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When you upload an (operational) utility to facilitate an operation does it run on the host or only in the cyberdeck? If you change hosts, it is needed to re-upload your utilities?
If I understand what you are asking then NO you don't need to re-load programs from Storage to Active memory when changing to a new Host, since the program is running on your deck.
No, this is not what I meant. See SR3, page 224. When you make the Swap Memory operation, the utility automaticaly runs in the deck´s active memory, but you still have to wait like half a second for the computer to upload it to your online icon (this is an ongoing operation).
So, my question is: when you change hosts, do you have to wait this upload time again ?
The White Dwarf
No, the utilites you run are run on your deck. The swap memory delay time refers to the fact that a deck with a lower I/O speed may not be able to swap a 5626923Mp utility in one turn of uploading. The action and upload are finished permanetly when theyre done. It doesnt have to reload later on unless you again initiate that action.
No. Once you've got the Utility uploaded (from Storage to Active and ultimately your Icon per "Swap Memory" on SR3.219) it remains available until you delete it, or something takes it offline.
Kanada Ten
In other words, the utilities stay with the icon when changing hosts.
what everybody else said. the reason there's confusion here is, a deck's I/O speed dictates both it's internal transfer rate (ie, moving stuff around inside your own computer) and its external transfer rate (ie, moving stuff from your computer to another computer). this is silly and makes no sense; ergo, confusion.
Kanada Ten
Um, actually, technically, the utilities are uploaded to the 'Trix, just like your icon, but the transfer rate between hosts and the grid is "instant". There is a bandwidth limit on the deck itself, but once the data is uploaded, it take no time to move it around (notice Copy File works the same).
sr2(pre-vr2 i think) decks had a internal transfer rate as well as a i/o rate. with vr2, the internal rate where removed and only the i/o rate had anything to say. this basicly leads to utilitys that are purely on the deck (armor, shield, medic and so on) can be swapped in at the speed of a action cool.gif
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