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Full Version: Proofreaders needed for an article on Simsense
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A block of re-iteration followed by a few new ideas and tech. Rules for creation of Simsense. Tips and hints about run ideas involving Simsense.

AH, you have a cameo so I'd like you to be one of the proofs.

Drop an email (not a PM... an email) on my MSN account. When I get 4 or 5 respondents I'll email the .doc
Ancient History
Y'know John, you /have/ my e-mail.
I wouldn't mind reading it, as long as you don't mind 3278 and I dissecting your stuff.
Large Mike

AH: You can't blame a guy for forgetting he has your email if is address book is essentially his MSN list (which is alot of people I know), as you're never on.
I must have perfect timing then, because nearly every time I log onto MSN he's there, and talks to me. It's why I Damned internet stalkers!!!! wobble.gif
Right... I admit that my contact list is rather obese for an introvert. I'll send it asap... perhaps tomorrow. I'm forced to use public computers until I come home, so it's not as easy as it sounds (My 'puter-thumb drive-public 'puter). After all, there's only two 'puters on this whole damn base that'll let me use my thumb dead.gif

Paul, drop an email on me so I can send it to everyone at once. So far I have 6 respondents, but haven't heard from Adam. I will be sending it asap anyway.
I emailed you last night/this morning.
Why not just post the text here?
QUOTE (BitBasher)
Why not just post the text here?

Echo that.


Why not just post the text here?



Echo that.



I'd even proofread it for you.

I worked as a proofreader for just over 12 years (March 7, 1988--August 31, 2000). I haven't worked for four years, but I still remember most of my training. smile.gif

Can you publish something in TSS after posting it here or elsewhere? I have no clue how that works. SOE evenually had to get off the boards right? Same for the Adepts Sourcebook I never got to see the end result of. (Still want to damn it!)
TSS is not a commercial product, and as such it's far from obvious that it would have to not be posted here. Adam is, of course, the source for the official answer.

Kanada Ten
I've been told it's not a big deal for forum posted material, by Adam. However, putting it in the Community Projects forum in a spoiler tag won't kill anything.
I'm quite fond of stuff that has been posted for peer review and that has bugs, typos, and other things bashed out of it before I've seen it. This post should help explain why.
First of all, let me thank our esteemed host for dropping in. I know you're busy, and was hoping you would find this thread and feel exactly the way you do.

<wipes nose>

Now then... the reason I need volunteers to drop me an email is because I have limited online capabilities. I'm still in Kuwait, and these public Army morale 'puters are problematic at best. If I receive an email from you, I can add you to a temporary contact list and send the file to everyone all at once.

I can view dumpshock on one computer, and check email on another computer, but the only computer I can hook a thumb drive to is busy 24 hrs a day... I have to plan these things DAYS in advance.

You should know that I tried doing this earlier today, but the net went down just as I was logging into MSN... I got NOTHING accomplished today. I have the computer again day after tomorrow and will attempt to send it again at that time.

In the mean time, please drop an email on me if you wish to receive the article. The more the merrier smile.gif

(God I hope I didn't screw the pooch on this one... a LOT of people seem to be interested.)
QUOTE (Paul)
Same for the Adepts Sourcebook I never got to see the end result of. (Still want to damn it!)

I have a PDF for you if you would like it... got it off some file sharing program.

As for the article: I am still limited by the 'puter venue on which I write this update. I am also now updating my "Character Generation 101", the detailed hash-out for people with limited imagination as well as hard-ass GMs who want a detailed description and background. I believe CG&D 101 is up to version 2.3 or so at this point... it's coming along nicely if any of you would like to opt to shoot input on it.

As for Simsense, I have made no changes since starting this thread, and have received nearly a dozen emails from interested parties. I will be getting it out to you ASAP... early March at the very latest (I should be back in the U.S. (...S.A.?) by then.

PS: Sorry for the Beatles pun... it seemed a good idea at the time.
QUOTE (thepatriot)
I have a PDF for you if you would like it... got it off some file sharing program.

Different Sourcebook. The one Paul is refering to was started on the old Dumpshock Forums before being moved off-board, similar to the Shadows of Europe and Shadows of Latin America projects. Some of the material from that project did end up being used in SotA64, albeit in a slightly different manner than was first envisioned by the core team members.
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