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Full Version: Spirit COmbat
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From second ed. I remember that confrontation between two spirits was simply an opposed test between the two forces, now it is a real combat.
Am I wrong?
I think that the older method was quicker (and better) and I would like to use it with 3rd edition. Any comment or suggestion?
Yes it's a melee test, but with all relevant attributes and skills beinf Force, an opposed Force test wouldn't screw the pooch too much if you want to go that way. Opposed tests do have a tendency to heavily favour whoever has the highest number, though. Statistically, I think a melee test vs TN 4 for everyone is more fair. But as a GM, to speed things up, you could just do opposed test.
I was thinking the opposed force things was in there somewhere for battles of elementals of an opposed type. I looked and all I could find was on Pg 188 BBB it says "spirits may fight each other directly. Such combat follows the standard rules for combat, astral or physical, depending on the spirit's form.
Yea, I'm pretty sure this "banishing" kind of mechanic only applied to elemental types who oppose each other.
Where it is said in Shadowrun 3rd ed, that combat between elementals work slike the old spirit combat? (opposed test)
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