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Full Version: How Big is Your Group?
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Crimson Jack
Simple question. How many players are there in your regular group?
In each of my three regular groups, the total has been three for quite some time (plus GM). However, one of those groups recently added a fourth and fifth.

I, me, myself and Panda. biggrin.gif
James McMurray
I voted 5, but we'll have a 6th that will make it whenever he can, and there's the possibility of a 7th.
The Grifter
8, but not all of us run at the same time.
Simpley me and my three players. Hopefully expending at some point soon.
We try to have between 3 and 5 players when possible. We have gone as far as 6 to 9, and as low as solos, or duets.

I know about 30 players in my area that have played in my games.
Sweet, I have the (as of now) sole super group. Actually once you get to be this size it get's hard to manage.
We play between 6 and 7 players. Mostly it is 7.
I started with 3 players. One disappeared completely (and hasn't been heard from in almost a year). The second played two sessions, then quit because I hadn't made him the focal point of the entire campaign. That left my current group of one. Does his characters' MPD count for more?
We're a regular group of three players. Sometimes one or two of my weekly ED-game join us for some fun with automatic weapons, but that's not very often. So three players plus GM.
There are actualy groups that have 9+?? eek.gif
We are five regular players as well as the gm, but we have three others starting soon. So I just chose 8. We will be that number at the next run anyway.
Way to big if you ask me...
Gyro the Greek Sandwich Pirate
I've run with 14 people before.

I don't recommend it.
QUOTE (U_Fester)
There are actualy groups that have 9+?? eek.gif

I once played in a group with 9 players - at a con. Never ever again! half of the players did absolutly zero the whole night, cause the GM wasn't able to bring them into the game properly. The meeting with Mr. J. was horror, took nearly 3 hours. And the planning phase was ridiculous. Never more then 6 players i say.
Back in the 80's I GMed a relatively long-term (14 months or so) Rolemaster game with 16 regular players. Good fun, but very frustrating at times. biggrin.gif
Like U_Fester said we have between 5 and 8 there for games. I prefer games with 4-5 players. The group usually works together better and you don't have so many people that end up sitting while someone goes off scouting and stuff.

However I've played with some large D&D groups. We had 10+ in High School playing. I think it was 12 but I can't remember if some of the people were just sitting around watching or if they played. Not a lot of individual character development. Combat was quick and dirty. A lot of stuff was done on the honor system. It was fun but I would only do it again if we had the same number of female players. biggrin.gif

I've played a GURPs Special Ops game at a con that was set up for 8-10 people. We were a SEAL team doing a rescue off a ship in the Med. We only had 4 but it would have been nice to have had 10. We had a lot of descions to make and it would have helped to have more people to analys the intellegince data. It was 3-4 hours of planning followed by an hour of combat.
7, but we tend to play in two groups of 3, plus DM, with people switching between groups weekly.

Not that we've done much recently. I'm currently waiting for a couple of players to finish characters.

I ran 10+ together in D&D once. My second-worst game.
I don't get to play any more frown.gif

The largest group I ever ran was a 10 man team I put together for a fun mission when a whole slew of old roleplaying friends had a reminiscent get together. It was a scavenger hunt that ended in a Blues-Brothers style convoy as the PC's sprinted for their final meet. They got paid 100k each, and the two Johnsons then exchanged... 1 nuyen. The whole thing had been a "Trading Places" cheap bet.
We have 6 with one GM typically, but one of our guys is moving to Nebraska.
If we all show, 9 but it's rare for us all to be there. 3 of us drive up from PA. usually 6 players and GM is what shows.
mattness pl
I've run 12 players once. Never, ever more! Char gen was a horror.
Normally, it's me and 3 players.
Started with just two victims^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hplayers in my group and have slowly been dragging more in. Up to five now.
yeah, having a group as big as ours gets to be difficult, but we manage, sort of, it just sort of breaks down into different groups at different times. Like our gun bunnies go get food or have a smoke while the face and more rounded characters do legwork, and the face sits back at laughs at us while we do the actual run.

It seems chaotic, but it works.
right now theres 9 players and 1 gm no sweat chummer ya ned a group that big to compete against my art of war tactics i always throw at them.pretty easy to manage now that ive moved into the laptop era ,i keep everything on the computer eccept scribbly notes.i use quatro pro to keep track of all there stats,contacts,npcs,ect....,i use sr3 dice rollers i keep 4 at a time up and runing,map quest up,weather generators u,wordperfect up for notes,e-gm screen in pdf ,e- contacts in pdf,e-critters book in pdf,and now that i found out you can buy shadowrun books in pdf almost all of them and the rest soon i wont even have to keep a book at the table ill be completely computer which is wierd for me since the last 17 years dming ive been old school about it.

6 players is about all I can handle at once. Any more and things bog down hard and people keep getting left out. So, needless to say, every game I run always seems to have 6 friggin' players...

The few times I had a short complement (some players couldn't make it, or whatever) thing always went really smooth.

Edit: It occurs to me I should've be complaining about having a regular gaming group when apparently 17% of the voters in this poll don't get to play at all. Nevermind, I love each and every one of my players in a very platonic way. rotfl.gif
At present, my online game (can't play any other way. sigh) has three regulars and four transients.

It's not too bad, though sometimes I wonder if everyone's reading the screen, as I've seen a number of good ideas get lost. Oh well, no character deaths yet, so they're doing alright biggrin.gif
I run with 9. I'm running pbp games, which helps a ton. Originally I was up to 10 (including my own PC). I inherited the game from someone else who disappeared, came back long enough to say he wanted to run two groups so take on more players, then disappeared again. That left me with 10 players. 2 left, but I'm looking at taking on another because he's far too good at begging.

Is it a pain? It sure can be. But since I can run multiple threads simultaneously without a problem, it makes my life infinitely easier than IRL games.
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