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Full Version: Astral Quests
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1) When performing an astral quest, does the astral combat pool apply to the damage resistance test?

2) If the initiate knows centering, can it be used during the astral quest?

3) Every 2 successes achieved getting past the Dweller on the Threshold add a die to a temporary karma pool. The astral pool (= to initiate grade) refreshes at every new place. When does the Karma Pool Refresh?
All answers are to be considered 'as far as I know'.

#1. It should.

#2. As long as the Centering skill can be used while Astral (ie no non-magical items needed), he should be able to.

#3. I think the Pool does not refresh and each dice can only be used once. Next Quest a new Pool is calculated.
Good, we totally agree. smile.gif

Now, does anyone remember where it said that the magician could have a single spirit accompany him on the astral quest? Or did I dream it? I've looked and can not find it.
QUOTE (tisoz @ Feb 6 2005, 04:01 PM)
Good, we totally agree.

That's got to be a first. biggrin.gif

As for the Spirit question, I don't know for sure (it sounds familiar though). If I was to make a snap judgement, I would rule that only a Spirit of the appropriate Metaplane (ie. Spirit of Man to the Metaplane of Man) could accompany the Questing magician.
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