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James McMurray
Nothing to see here. My group may want to avoid looking any farther though. smile.gif
Large Mike

Corporate Punishment is a couple of solidly constructed relativly vanilla runs, at least compared to Brainscan, although there is a team of Ghosts present and they are hands down the scariest metahumans I've ever seen in the universe. And that includes vampires.

Brainscan sends runners through the Renraku Arcology, which, I've been told, is a frightening, frightening place. It has creepy nanotechnology and an insane AI.
Play them both. There is room between first few Brainscan missions to play other missions.
Crimson Jack

You looking at SR3 modules only, or also willing to convert over a few SR2 runs if they're good enough?
James McMurray
My group has already played the SR2 modules, but they haven't played any of the SR3 ones. I've got Brainscan, Corporate Punishment, Survival of the Fittest, Year of the Comet, and Wake of the Comet.

I'm still quite a way off from Haley's Comet appearing, so I'll be doing CP and Brainscan first, sprinkled in with a bit of homemade runs to keep the overall campaign plotline going. The socio-political layout of the world is going to change greatly, and the runners will have a chance to be a part of it if they want to.
Crimson Jack
I'm sure you've noticed this, but YotC isn't a module. smile.gif
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