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Full Version: Can Adept Powers Be 'Upgraded'?
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Hey, I was wondering, say I have Killing Hands lvl 2 (Medium), once I get enough Karma for another Magic Point, could I upgrade that to lvl 3 (Serious)? Or is it a case of GM discretion?
yes, they can be upgraded. otherwise, the point costs would make no sense. for instance, Improved Reflexes is statistically identical to Wired Reflexes cyberware, and has a comparable cost. the cost of Wired Reflexes is not cumulative; therefore, the cost of Improved Reflexes shouldn't be, either.
Thanks for the question and reply. I was courious about that myself.
QUOTE (Shadowrun FAQ)
If an adept wishes to improve an adept power with different levels (such as Increased Reflexes, Improved Ability, Mystic Armor and Combat Sense), does he need to buy the new power all over again from scratch, or just pay the difference between the two levels?

The adept is, in effect, increasing his or her natural abilities, so only needs to pay the difference. For example, improving from Killing Hands S (power point cost of 2) to Killing Hands D (power point cost of 4) would cost 2 more power points, not 4.

Linkage. There's a reason they made the thing you know. wink.gif
it's not canon! you can't force me to use that! that's just a houserule! you suck!

i knew there was something that stated that. couldn't recall where.
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