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Full Version: Ok, Stealth Adept - Need Some Help
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Ok, I'm trying to make an Adept that can sneak into places, kill quickly and silently if need be, and get back out with recon. Need a bit of help

So far I have:

Orc Adept

(Including an Improved Quickness (3) and Improved Reflexes (1) )

Strength: 7
Quickness: 9
Body: 8
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 6
Magic: 6
Essence: 6
Reaction: 7 (9)
Initiative: 1 (2)


Althetics - 6
Security Devices (Detection Measures) - 4 (6)
Security Systems - 5
Edged Weapons - 6
Pistols - 6
English - 4
Japanese - 2
Corporate Security - 5
Corporate Procedures - 5
Leadership Tactics - 5
Stealth (Sneaking) - 5 (7)
Lock Picking - 6

(I still have 4 points left to spend, and both the pistols and edged weapons will be turned into Specialities)

Adept Powers:

Motion Sense
Improved Physical Attribute (Quickness) - 3
Killing Hands (Medium)
Traceless Walk
Improved Sense - Thermo Vision
Improved Sense - Enhanced Hearing
Improved Reflexes (1)

Any thoughts or ideas? Really need equipment ideas too, thermal dampening armour/clothing will be one...
Maybe spend the four remaining skill points on some heavy ranged weapon like assault rifles. For the rare occassions when the shit really hits you and there's no longer a need to remain silent.
Crusher Bob
I'm not sure which skills are active and which are knowledge. The cannon skills for breaking and entering are:

Electronics (Security Systems or Maglocks)
Electronics B/R
and rarely
Lockpicking (much better to get a device for this one, as it's cheap)

Killing hands with no unarmed skill?

Also, the cost on your adepts powers looks off

KH (S) 2
IR 1 2
TW .5
2 imp senses .5
Motion Sense .5
already comes out to 5.5 points...

Personally I'd go for:

Improved senses:
Flare Comp, Microscopic vision, enhanced hearing, spatial recognizer, select sound filter, hearing damper
Motion Sense
Traceless Walk
Magic Sense
Imp stealth 4
Imp Reflexes 1

When trying to nreak-in sensing the guards before they sense you is quite important. The micro vision gives you a -2 TN when working on electronics...
Magic sense will give you a heads up about wards and detection spells (hopefully) before you blunder into them. Adding to stealth is also always good for getting around.

Spending 2 skill points for throwing weapons (grenades) 1/3 is usually a pretty good choice if you have points left over flash, smoke, etc grenades are easy to carry and work great for getting you out of trouble.

For gear:

The autopicks I mentioned above, electronics toolkit, maglock passkey, some 'scent killer', a variety of chemical distractants ('eau de dog in heat' works great on places that have guard dogs)...
Oops, typo, Killing Hands was actually M
Improved sense - Thermo is only .25

Oops on the killing hands with no unarmed, I'll get rid of the bladed weapons, really need to fix my skills then, and tweak my powers a bit
QUOTE (Crusher Bob)

Electronics (Security Systems or Maglocks)
Electronics B/R

Or ask you GM is these two skills can be combined to one. It's a house rules my gaming groups use.

And saves worthy skill points wink.gif
Ed Simons
My group also combines the skills.

It just didn't make any sense that you needed one skill to get the maglock casing open and a second skill to tamper with the circuits.
James McMurray
I would ditch killing hands in favor of a bladed weapon or just knocking them out with unarmed and stabbing them afterward. I've just never found killing hands to be a big deal. That would also free up some points to use on improved stealth.
U can use Killing Hands in combat vs. spirits iirc. Had been quite a while since i played my ki-ad the last time.
We use Electronics B/R and further specialize in Security Systems. Might work for you.
Yep, we do so too.
James McMurray
QUOTE (Grinder)
U can use Killing Hands in combat vs. spirits iirc. Had been quite a while since i played my ki-ad the last time.

Yes you can. Or you can have the team's bruiser and mage fight them. If your group frequently fights hordes of spirits or doesn't have a guy whose primary goal in life is to beat someone up, you should get Killing Hands L (or M if you really want it), otherwise I wouldn't worry about it, and instead pick it up if you need to when you first initiate or get 20 karma.
L is usually ok, as you can raise the damage with net successes. And 0.5 aren't too much for it i think.
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