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Full Version: Combining Metamagic Skills
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I am brushing up on my MITS rules and I have a couple inquiries on Spell Anchoring.

1. Can ritual magic be anchored?

2. Can an anchored spell be quickened?

3. If an anchored spell can be quickened, can it be turned "on and off" at will by the creator perpetually without relinking, or will the spell have to stay on perpetually until deactivated or dispelled?

4. Can the drain from an anchored spell be paid for in advance through centering?
2-3) anchor it to the sustaining focus as descried in MiTS.
4) can't pay drain in advance. That was 2nd edt, and apparently it was too strong.

1)don't thik it says anywhere specifically, but I wouldn't allow it. Too strong. unless maybe each participant knows the metamagic, and pays the karma cost. but still.... thats pretty heavy.
1. Ritual magic is an exclusive action as is Anchoring, part of which is casting the spell. So I don't think they can be combined.
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