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Full Version: Trollinator's Uppeance Has Come!
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Alright, for all who remember the crazy Troll Mage Nebuchadnezzar, here's the latest developement in that story . . .

The mission involved extracting somebody magical from a corporation. Through his contacts, Neb learned that he was a member of magical group. So, he tracked down another member. After a brief and fruitless interrogation, Neb decided to go through his more usual route of discussion - shake his hand, crush a finger or two, demand again. So, Neb extended his hand, and the other mage took it. He was just about to start smashing when . . .

Wham. I think Nebby's opinion changed when Force 8 D-Class Death Touch slammed into his body. As he lay cooling on the floor, the mage took a long drag on a cigarette and remarked, in my best whoever-said-that voice,

"Hot day-um, tha' musta hurt."

Though the body is alright, it may be years before the hubris returns . . .
Ah: Good going...

I'm assuming the other mage didn't appreciate the 'interrogation' in that case? Well a Deadly Death-touch may still have been a bit harsh, I'd personally have made that a stun-touch or something.

However; it'll remind him that he isn't completely immortal and that he shouldn't go roughing-up initiates at the first oppertunity.
I am Jin
I dunno what kinda pansy man you are, but I always attack initiates as soon as they reveal themselves!!! Die, initiates, die!!!

Then again sometimes I attack people even if they aren't initiates, but I'm telling you, they had it coming!
The Surgeon
Just proves that Neb is an idiot.

You should NEVER shake hands with anyone who uses magic (especially PhysAds!), or anyone who has a cyberarm (unless you have a cyberarm, too).

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