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Shadowrun type movie

Just came across this thought I'd pop up a link to it sounds a little shadowrunish.
James McMurray
That's a pretty bare description.

I havewn't seen more than a couple of previews for Constantine, but it looks like it might feel SR-ish. For that matter Hellboy had an SR feel to it, although the technology was too pseudo-low (i.e. wind-up cyborgs).
The film linked is based on the cult comic The Exec.

Having seen a full screening of Constantine, I think its a nice adaptation, as close as Hollywood is going to get to the Hellblazer comic. It's more In Nomine or even Vampire/Mage fare than SR though.
Yes it is a bare description but then again it is listed as not coming out till 2006.

Which means more than likely it is over a year away hopefully the description will improve with time.
Crimson Jack
Not on IMDB. That site isn't really for in-depth movie reviews. More of an informational website as to 'who did what' and 'what else they did'. Might have more luck finding out the scoop on that film at My favorite movie web site. smile.gif
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