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Full Version: Pick My Character's Death!
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I GM for my group and run a character at the same time. This guy has been around a long time, but alas, I'm having a kid and that along with travel is going to put an end to my shadowrun days for a little while, so want this guy to go out in such a way as to launch one last kick-ass adventure for my buddies.

His name is Ivan. He is formerly of Russia's MVD, where he served in a Spetsnaz unit. Him and a buddy (Brotchk Kutsev) defected and managed to make it out of the country and took off to Seattle where they set up shop as bounty hunters. Ivan was notorious for his often violent drinking binges with Brotchk.
After a rough and tumble stint bounty hunting in Seattle, including being incarcerated for the death of a mark for which he served his time, Ivan and Brotchk ended up in Chicago, looking for a politician's daughter. They never found her. Of the team they went in with, Ivan was the only survivor.
After a good bit of downtime, Ivan kicked his alcohol problem, vowing never to drink again, and went back to his bounty hunting, picking up a few new friends along the way. One big bounty was for a serial killer named Killian. Killian nearly gutted Ivan, but due to the skill and quick thinking of his friends, Ivan made it out and got to spend some of Killian's 50k bounty.
With a good, rep, Ivan and his team were approached by the Yakuza, who after first using him to pose as a Vory, eventually ended up hiring the team for many different jobs.
Ivan then made a second trip to Chicago with his new friends. This time, another extraction, only this one went over without a hitch, if you don't count the team getting wiped out and the extractee barely surviving. A medical clinic was levelled in this incident due to a bad move on Ivan's part.
Ivan is known for making sure all the angles are covered and always helping a teammate in need. Also popular are the Barbeques held at his "clean" house for the team and their selected friends, which he and his friend Ramsey pay for out of their bounty money.
Recently, Ivan housed one of his teamates at his own house in a time of dire need, when his friend was struggling to kick a kamikaze addiction.
Ivan's made a lot of enemies, lets see how we can take him out. I have a potential run planned (should things work out and the players try and follow it) for each scenario. I'm going to leave it in the hands of the dumpshock community to determine which one we go with. Here are the basics:

1. Car Bomb - A lot of the team's exploits while they hooked up with the Yaks were directed at the mafia. Now it's time for payback. After agreeing to meet with a team member, Ivan walks out to his car and hops in. When he turns the ignition <BOOM>

2. Barbeque Massacre - Same situation as above, but maybe the big barbeque bash wasn't such a good idea when there are people out to get even. Maurice Bigio sends some heavily armed goons to get rid of Ivan once and for all.

3. Gutted by Killian - Killian, that maniac serial killer has busted out of prison, and is looking to sharpen his retractable spurs on Ivan's torso.

4. Resisting Arrest - Lone Star has been looking into a few incidents that have happened lately. Looks like Ivan's name came up. Or maybe someone fixed it so it would.

5. Chicago Payback - Looks like some friends figured out it was Ivan who caused that clinic to disappear back in Chicago. They're going to make sure he gets back what he did to those innocent people.

6. From Russia with Love - When Ivan left the MVD, he took a lot of state secrets with him. Better to not have someone with that knowledge out freelancing, and now that they've found him, it's time to send some of his Spetsnaz buddies to take his traitor-ass out.

7. Brotchk is Back! - Brotchk somehow survived in Chicago the first time around and is pissed that his best friend left him behind. Twisted and deranged, it's time to pay Ivan a visit.

Ok, there they are. It's up to you, Dumpshock.
I'll have to think about which of these sounds best, but whichever you do, it should involve Ebola-Plus.

Brotchk all the way. Nothing beats a come back killer.

Congrat's on your becoming a dad, by the way. (Assuming you wanted to become one. No offense.) smile.gif
If you weren't GM'ing, I'd say 'Yes'.

Have everything hit at once, ending in a running fight through Pike Place Market.

i'm thinking accidental thor shot while in an munitions factory... go out with a bang. wink.gif
Little Bill
I'm thinking "mysterious disappearance" myself, possibly with some ominous clues left behind (like all his clothes ripped apart as if he burst out of them).
It has the advantages that the players can make up whatever story they like, and they probably will come up with something much more frightening to them than anything you had in mind, and that you can always change your mind later and bring the character back.
I'm gonna say number 2, with a caveat. Make it so that the next run a long time johnson sends him on, recquires a specific upgrade to a vehicle, and only a buddy of his can do the work. The work and the item are free, but what he doesnt know, is it's also a bomb. Rip off Speed, and only have the bomb trigger over a certain (high) speed. Until after the run, have lots of traffic jams and such to keep his speed below the limit, but after the run, open it up with a chase, so the bomb triggers and then goes boom after X minutes (with no silly looping video timer thingy)
Il all for just vanishing one day. Leaves all sorts of entertaining open plot lines...
Just retire him. And keep him around as a Fixer or Contact for your new PC.
ah crud, I wanted to put two different votes in. the one for Chicago went through, but I also wanted to vote for the Brocht is back death. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Reason I vote for Chicago death, some comment made about killing numerous innocents.
The Chicago Incident

6th page, second post from the top (using 25 per page).

...and thanks on the congrats for the baby. Here's hoping he doesn't turn out like us grinbig.gif
Crimson Jack
I like the mysterious disappearance option. Letting everyone think he is dead would be optimal though.
...and thanks on the congrats for the baby. Here's hoping he doesn't turn out like us grinbig.gif

Cheers to that, omae. smile.gif
Bah. Give the kid a copy of SR3 and Corporate Download on his fifth birthday.

Just don't let him take his guns to town.
QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
I'll have to think about which of these sounds best, but whichever you do, it should involve Ebola-Plus.


Nah, give him the Super Clap!
2 minutes of pleasure for 2 days of visceral agony followed by death's sweet release.
nuyen.gif nuyen.gif nuyen.gif nuyen.gif
Eyeless Blond
Another vote for mysterious death. Have it take place in a hotel room. The security cameras buzz for a few seconds, and then there's nothing but his clothes, carried equipment (watch, wallet, etc), hair, and fingernails sitting there in a heap. No blood. Let the players come up with ideas for what happenned to him, then spend the next several months thinking of one that tops all of 'em. biggrin.gif
Mr. Man
Ivan was dead. Did you know that? He died in a fire two years ago during an investigation into the murder of a witness who was going to testify against him. Two people saw Ivan enter a warehouse he owned just before it went up. They said he had gone in to check a leaking gas main. It blew up and took all of Ivan with it. Within three months of the explosion, the two witnesses were dead, one killed himself in his car and the other fell down an open elevator shaft.

Holy crap....this is promising...wheels turning...
biggrin.gif gutted by a serial killer Atillus would love that! do it!

Can we choose all of the above? At the same time?

He's attacked by Killian. While the cops try to arrest him, then Brotchk takes that as his chance to attack. He leaps into the fray, totally unaware of the Russian mafia goons who open fire. A stray bullet hits a parked car, cutting the brake line. The car rolls forward, into the crossfire. Unbeknownst to everyone else, it has a large bomb on board. Ivan uses the car as cover as he and it roll down the street towards a major intersection. When the bomb goes off, it catches a nearby gasoline truck, killing everyone. The giganto explosion launches a piece of shrapnel into a low flying traffic helicopter, which crashes, which pisses off Deus who launches a thor shot. Whoever those Chicago people are aren't sure which splat is Ivan, so they payback all of the splats, each in its own individual ziplock bag.

Ivan's corpse is, mysteriously, never found.

I think that'd be a good way to go out.
I like the BBQ thing myself. It is a good reason for people to not be packing much heat, and offing him in front of other PCs when there is not much they can do about it is always super dramatic. Think Punisher.
I voted for "don't kill him". I like the character. Couldn't decide to chose that point or the "let him disappear" option. Combine both and let him disappear for a while so maybe he can come back as a npc. Or not.
Brotchk comes back. But he's not quite right, and in fact HE is now a wanted serial killer. Ivan gets a contract to nab him.

BUT, the twist is, Brotchk is the one that (indirectly) hired Ivan. Brotchk is crazy, and looking for slow, painful revenge. Ivan does not know Brotchk is leading him on a crazy trail. Think the movie Seven here. Brotchk is showing him his insanity. Each clue leads deeper in the heart of darkness.

For the finale, you can either go the Seven way and Brotchk shows him something so terrible that Ivan kills himself or loses it, or simply Brotchk lays out his finale and kills Ivan.
Reenacting Death and the Compass would be neat.

Drain Brain
I'd go with "Don't kill him" too - but with a little addendum of some of the others.

Sure, have him "attacked" so you can have a titanic struggle/atmospheric fight scene.

Then have him arrested and incarcerated.

That way, he can cool his heels in jail for a while - hey, he doesn't want to get out... it's like a holliday in here since Lawyer X managed to get him into pleasant-corp-fraud-ville!

Then, your players can do the revenge/scanning the setup thing and use him as a resource for getting info on the inside of Dodgy-corp-guy heaven (can get so many good stories while you're playing hide-the-soap) and when you're back from parenting 101, you can have them bust him out in an epic Tango & Cash moment!

Good call Drain Brain!

I second the motion.

Personally, I'd send him to some hell-hole and have him escape ala Riddick when you felt like taking him up again... biggrin.gif
I say, find Lord Torgo and call him an Elf-Loving candy-a$$, and just let the chips fall where they may. smile.gif
QUOTE (KeyMasterOfGozer)
I say, find Lord Torgo and call him an Elf-Loving candy-a$$, and just let the chips fall where they may. smile.gif

Elf-loving candy-ass bitch
Drain Brain
Bitch-Candy loving Elf Ass?

Sorry... thought we were making a game out of it... wink.gif
QUOTE (Eyeless Blond)
Another vote for mysterious death. Have it take place in a hotel room. The security cameras buzz for a few seconds, and then there's nothing but his clothes, carried equipment (watch, wallet, etc), hair, and fingernails sitting there in a heap. No blood. Let the players come up with ideas for what happenned to him, then spend the next several months thinking of one that tops all of 'em. biggrin.gif

I'd got with this one, but instead I wouldn't leave the hair and fingernails, that means they'd be able to use ritual sorcery to find him. Have the tape showing him tied to a chair and then getting shot (in the head for good dramatic effect) by a guy with a hood on (but maybe show that the guy has a tattoo), then the cameras black out for a minute or two and then all that's left are his personal effects. *poof* he's gone and they have a guy they could possibly track down by his tattoo, but that's a slim possibility, so the trail goes cold until you have the time to come back to the game, then have one of the PCs run into a guy that has the exact same tattoo in the same place as the guy on the tape and go from there.
A little twist:

Ivan actually has an MVD panther tattooed on his right shoulder. Have a dude in a chair with the same tattoo get shot in the head. Was it Ivan? Did the shooter have a similar tattoo??
Ok, after taking a good look at the votes and some of the comments, here is where Ivan's death will be going (we'll see how well it actually plays out like this, but this is the basics):

After being left behind in Chicago, a "good samaritan" found Brotchk and managed to keep him alive, barely. After suffering massive tissue damage and brain trauma, the "samaritan" and his friends helped Brotch back to health, unbeknownst to Ivan. Due to the injuries themselves, and the efforts to keep him alive, Brotchk lost most (if not all) of his long-term memories.
Unfortunately, the good samaritan was a UGB agent responsible for tracking down the two defectors and ensuring that certain Russian state secrets don't fall into the wrong hands. Now the agency has the perfect disposable puppet to flush out and eliminate Ivan, who reports have placed in Seattle.

Meanwhile, 13 canisters of Ebola-Plus have been stolen from a secret, Ares high security research facility in the Alaskan wilderness. Word is, that whoever pulled the heist has a buyer somewhere near Seattle. An Ares source suspects Winternight. So far, Ares has been able to keep the incident a secret, but has dispatched internal security forces to locate the canisters and retrieve them. Due to the need to quickly find the canisters, part of this effort includes hiring freelancers to help.

The team, led by Ivan, gets hired as part of this operation. After a few wild goose chases and dead-end leads, the team finally finds someone who might have an idea of what's going down. It turns out some goons from Winternight hired an SR team for a big heist somewhere up north. The team in question is based out of Seattle.

If the Seattle team is convinced to give up the info (by interrogation or a bribe, which our team usually knows will work with enough cash), our team will find out that the heist was indeed at a secret facility in Alaska. They were hired to retrieve 13 orange canisters labeled "EBX1000". The man that hired them, they knew only as "Drake". They delivered the cargo to Drake last week. They don't know where he is or how to contact him, but at the transfer, had the canisters placed in the back of an "El Machaca Burritos" delivery truck that was riddled with bullet holes.

This delivery truck was stolen a few weeks ago. Through a combination of matrix work and talking to a few people, the team may be able to figure this out. The truck was reported stolen to Lonestar, who followed up on the gridguide transponder. All they found was the transponder. The team should be able to find out the address of the place where the thing was ripped out and dumped.

The place is an old auto repair shop in Puyallup proper. Currently, the place is inhabited by a gang of squatters who moved in after the old owners moved out, last week coincidentally. The squatters are protective of their new home and will view the team very suspiciously. If the team agrees to straighten out the local gangers who have been giving the squatters trouble, one of the squatters may have seen an "El Machaca Burritos" truck around puyallup.
If the team goes off to straighten out the gangers, they will come back to find the squatters have been gunned down and their squat destroyed. Spent casings and bodies litter the place. One squatter is just clinging to life. In exchange for medical aid, he will tell the team that he saw a burrito truck with bullet holes in it entering the Port of Tacoma. If asked what happened in the squat, he will say that a heavily cybered orc showed up with a bunch of military-looking guys. He was asking about someone named Ivan, but the squatter didn't know who he was talking about.

Here, the team may just try to brute force the answer out of them. In that case, it won't take much before they spill that one of them saw a burrito truck with bullet holes in it heading for the Port of Tacoma.

A search of the port will find the truck in question, parked at Pier 7.

The truck is empty except for a few burrito wrappers on the floor of the cargo area. There is no evidence in the cab, but there is a large orange scrape mark near the back of the cargo area, near the loading doors.

Canvassing of the port will find that the Pier 7 was recently home to a large container ship called the "Canton Rain". Matrix work or a few well-placed bribes may determine that the Canton Rain is owned by SCS Shipping. A shipping company based out of Beijing. More matrix work or more bribes/interrogation may produce a manifest, a destination, or a departure time.

Manifest: Foodstuffs, Steel, and Automotive Parts
Destination: Port of Beijing
Departure time: "A few days ago" (GM descretion, basically not too short, but not too long, so the team could arrive in Beijing before the ship if they fly via commercial airliner.), 4 am.

The team may decide to just pass this info to Ares, but not any team led by Ivan smile.gif. If they do pass on the info, the Ares representative provides the team with new info. He laments that Ares may not have a team in place on time to secure the ship. He offers the team a big bonus if they can pull this off before the ship reaches port.
He also informs the team that the canisters they are looking for contain stolen Ebola-Plus, and that his sources believe terrorists are planning on unleashing a biological attack against major chinese population centers. If the ship is not intercepted before a predetermined "point of no return" (roughly 300 miles from the chinese mainland), preperations have been made to hit the massive ship with a Thor shot. The representative still insists on secrecy, not wanting to spill to the media that Ares has lost control of highly dangerous bio-weapons. He provides the team with a contact name Jin, who will supply the runners with weapons and equipment once they reach Beijing.

For extra tension, there will be a weather delay at Sea-Tac airport, which will burn precious hours. The team will still arrive before the Canton Rain, and will attempt to raid and secure the ship after contacting Jin and being outfitted.

Insertion onboard the ship will be done via Tilt-Wing Rotor aircraft. The terrorists will put up heavy resistance, firing on the tilt-wing and possibly destroying it after the PC's have been inserted. Either way, it won't stick around due to fuel concerns. The ship is huge, as cargo ships usually are. On the stern is a helipad with a chopper parked on it.
The team will want to secure the ship (and will face heavy resistance), including taking control of the bridge and probably trying to stop the ship before it reaches the point of no return. On the bow of the ship will be a battery of delivery rockets, no doubt ready to rock with some Ebola-Plus. The rockets are primed to launch automatically after reaching a certain point (48 miles after point of no return). The team will likely try to destroy these. If and when the team reaches the bridge, They will find it empty. The controls and communications have been destroyed, and the Autonav is steaming ahead towards the chinese mainland. The team can bail now before the Thor comes down, or they can try to repair the controls and comms.

Doesn't matter, because at this point if they're paying attention, someone will spot 2 tilt-wings approaching the ship at high speed. A heavily cybered orc mans a minigun hanging out the side of one of the troop bays.

The team may rejoice, thinking friendlies have showed up to help, or they may go "Oh crap." Either way, heavy firepower will start coming down from both of the craft. They will attempt to insert Russian Special Forces and Brotchk himself who will systematically move to secure the ship. The firepower pouring from the tilt-wings will likely force the team into the bowels of the ship where they get to play cat and mouse, all the while knowing that they are getting closer and closer to the point of no return. If they don't go under decks, they will have to contend with the tilt-wings too.

Brotchk by himself will eventually find Ivan and after some dramatic tension, Ivan will try and negotiate his team's escape. (whatever happens, I will try and get the team outta there, so they don't see what happens. Usually it just takes Ivan to tell them to leave, they respect him.)

The best way off the ship will be the chopper parked on the stern. The team will have to fight their way there and will still have to take care of the tilt-wings. Luckily there's a few anti-air missiles located in the hangar off the helipad biggrin.gif Assuming the team gets this far, they may try to wait for Ivan, who will not show up in time before they are forced to take off. As they fly away from the ship, they'll get to see the spectacle known as a "Thor Shot", which will utterly demolish the ship.

Then it's off to normal after-run stuff, yada yada yada...


So, we have a combination of "From Russia with Love" and "Brotchk is Back!", along with some Ebola-Plus and a Thor shot, and also included a bit of "Mysterious Disappearance" ending, despite an end that "Nobody could have possibly survived". Because who knows, Ivan might have made it to a life boat or survived among the wreckage.
I had to take some liberties with "reality", but hey, who's gonna care?
Kremlin KOA
SLight suggestion for change, Brotchnik is dead... but a Master shedim.....
Shanshu Freeman
regards to kage

not reading the whole thread on acount of being ripped, but leave it mysterious. Good luck.
I don't have YotC, so I'm Shedimless.
Kremlin KOA
Frosty Master shedim are in Threats 2
write that up and send it to Bitrunner for a SR Missions Scenario. I like it.
Please tell us how that run turns out! Somehow, although it does sound incredibly good, I'm just incredibly curious as well to know how that wonderful plan will screw up somehow!
I don't have Threats 2 either dead.gif

I thought about writing up a submission for SR Missions, but I noticed I can't seem to think up a decent run without it being tailored to my group's PC's. I guess this could be converted to work, but it seems like it wouldn't carry over well into the format that most of the published adventures come in.
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