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Full Version: Caffine-97
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Kanada Ten
Addiction: Light
Type: Stimulant
Rating (Code): 3M/3P
Tolerance: 3
Edge: 5/12
Fix Factor: 1 week

Bonus: This drug adds one Free Action to every Pass the character has per Turn. The effects last 1D6 minutes. The character receives an additional die on Surprise tests. Doesn't stack with adept powers.

Crash: For a period of 2 hours following, the character loses a Free Action on their Pass and must spend a Simple Action to perform any typically Free Action. The character also suffers a +2 TN on Surprise tests.

Cost: ¥600 per dose
Legality: 3P-Y

How does one take it?
In Jolt, of course.

A stimulant like that would be available either as pill or patch.
Kanada Ten
Hadn't decided. Probably injected or inhaled.

[edit]Though, Patch is an interesting one.
It's a bit expensive.
Heh. Of course. That's a hefty cost for a "soft" drink.

Want some what was the availability?

torz x
Kanada Ten
Availability: 4/2hrs

What are you thinking, Fortune? One exess zero or something like 300?
Or maybe 400. Long Haul is 500, and I'd make it worth less than that.
300 is still very expensive. Try and imagine just what niche of the street market would really be able to pay that kind of ridiculous cost per dose.
Is this in the street market, though? Seems more like a security/military drug.

Kanada Ten
I wouldn't expect this to be a big street drug. It'd be marketed as a "safe" combat drug that enhances corporate forces by reducing friendly fire though increased communication and alertness.

However, you're right. Maybe I should make it 6 hours followed by a 6 hour crash (or some sort of time release?). That's the longest I'd expect to have a combat ready force on security detail.
Well, I dunno, you figure, 8 hour is a regular full time job... you'd want guards to be a bit more alert, I'd say go with 4 or 5 hours, so that 2 teams of guards (1 from 10pm - 2am or 3am, 2 from 2-3am to 7-8am) which then lets the daycrew take over.
It doesn’t need to last more than an hour. Certainly not the entire shift. If you give it to your men at the start of every shift they will be dead within a year (ok its is the fault of the drug system up to a point) certainly they will be addicted and probably tolerant. Like all combat drugs it should be saved for rare dangerous situations.

Honestly, I wouldn't allow it just because a second free action although doesn't sound like much is INSANELY powerful, specifically for pulling tricks in combat.
not to mention, rather expensive, rather quickly, imo. You figure a squat of 4, at 300 a pop, that 1200 nuyen a squad, a day.You would have to think it would be more cost effective to load some more cyber on even the run of the mill security, unless you already have a high turnover rate of your security (and unless the turnover is caused by death, that should be a bad thing in its own right...) I would keep the stuff to a "light emergancy" situation, with perhaps an odd guard who got hooked on the stuff and is taking it all the time.
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